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Dark Porfolio Theme for 11ty screenshot

Dark Porfolio Theme for 11ty


Author: Jonathan Schrack

Last Commit: Mar 19, 2020

This is a port of the 'Dark Portfolio Template" by W3C to 11ty!

Roxo Hugo screenshot

Roxo Hugo


Author: StaticMania

Last Commit: Mar 20, 2020

Roxo Hugo is a digital agency Hugo theme for creative agencies, freelancers, …

Creative Theme - New screenshot

Creative Theme - New


Author: Start Bootstrap, Valentin Valchev

Last Commit: Mar 20, 2020

A Jekyll theme based on Creative Theme v5.1.8 and Bootstrap v4.3.1

Friday Theme screenshot

Friday Theme


Author: Simon Freytag

Last Commit: Mar 2, 2020

A Bootstrap 4 portfolio and blog theme for Jekyll.

Gatsby Contentful Blog and Portfolio screenshot

Gatsby Contentful Blog and Portfolio


Author: Emanuele Buccelli

Last Commit: Mar 8, 2020

A Gatsby starter for a portfolio with a blog, using Contentful as the CMS

Sidey screenshot



Author: Ronalds Vilcins

Last Commit: Mar 5, 2020

Simple and minimalistic jekyll blogging theme

devlopr-jekyll screenshot



Author: Sujay Kundu

Last Commit: Mar 4, 2020

A Jekyll Theme built for Developers and Software Engineers

Garth screenshot



Author: David Darnes

Last Commit: Jan 6, 2020

🥁 A really basic theme for Jekyll

Gatsby Advanced Blog System screenshot

Gatsby Advanced Blog System


Author: Danilo Woznica

Last Commit: Mar 16, 2020

📰 This repository is a demo from the article about how to build our own blog …

Gatsby Advanced Starter screenshot

Gatsby Advanced Starter


Author: Ruben Harutyunyan

Last Commit: Feb 2, 2020

A high performance skeleton starter for GatsbyJS that focuses on SEO/Social …