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Jekyll-Professional-Resume screenshot


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Apr 1, 2024

A simple and modern resume template, best fit for either Academic CV …

YANBT (Yet Another Nuxt Blog Theme) screenshot

YANBT (Yet Another Nuxt Blog Theme)

Github Stars 2
Apr 6, 2024

A simple blog theme. Built using nuxt3 and nuxt content.

Tokyo screenshot


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Mar 16, 2024

This is a simple HTML template for Gozer. It's clean and …

Magazine screenshot


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Mar 16, 2024

Free CSS “Magazine” template, adapted for the Gozer static generator.

Astroship - Astro SAAS Starter screenshot

Astroship - Astro SAAS Starter

Github Stars 1025
Dec 16, 2023

Astroship is a starter template for startups, marketing websites, …

OneFlow Jekyll Theme screenshot

OneFlow Jekyll Theme

Github Stars 4
Feb 21, 2024

A theme to effortlessly create stunning OnePager Websites, offering …

Jekyll-theme-Satellite screenshot


Github Stars 8
Apr 1, 2024

An emotional and adorable blog theme powered by Jekyll.

Micro Blog screenshot

Micro Blog

Github Stars 19
Feb 20, 2024

Microblog is a tiny blog template built with Astro, Tailwind CSS and …

Astro Max screenshot

Astro Max

Github Stars 64
Feb 22, 2024

AstroMax is a brutalist landing page for your agency.

Minimal screenshot


Github Stars 13
Mar 2, 2024

Minimal is a minimalistic astro theme for blogs.

Materio Vuetify NuxtJS Admin Template screenshot

Materio Vuetify NuxtJS Admin Template

Github Stars 28
Feb 28, 2024

This is an open-source Vuetify NuxtJS admin template built with VueJS …

Dante screenshot


Github Stars 89
Mar 28, 2024

Dante - uncluttered minimal blog and portfolio Astro.js + Tailwind CSS …

Halide screenshot


Github Stars 18
Apr 4, 2024

Responsive image portfolio theme, built with Eleventy and Tina CMS

AstroPaper screenshot


Github Stars 1877
Feb 19, 2024

A minimal, accessible and SEO-friendly Astro blog theme

Tailwind screenshot


Github Stars 54
Mar 30, 2024

Clean card Hugo theme for blog, created by using tailwindcss