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Hacked Jekyll screenshot

Hacked Jekyll

Github Stars 1
Last Commit Mar 8, 2023

Jekyll microtheme that looks like JSON

Cvless screenshot


Github Stars 8
Last Commit Mar 3, 2023

Jekyll theme for a beautiful online CV

Scroll screenshot


Github Stars 208
Last Commit Apr 10, 2023

Clean, responsive, single-page Hugo theme.

AstroWind screenshot


Github Stars 771
Last Commit Apr 1, 2023

AstroWind is a free and open-source template to make your website …

Bliss screenshot


Github Stars 14
Last Commit Mar 31, 2023

Elegant single-column blog template for Eleventy

Lightspeed screenshot


Github Stars 1
Last Commit Feb 18, 2023

A fast, simple, and privacy-respecting personal site and blog

Gatsby Clean Blog Starter screenshot

Gatsby Clean Blog Starter

Github Stars 0
Last Commit Feb 19, 2023

A Gatsby Blog starter with clean and simple theme!

Eleventy Satisfactory screenshot

Eleventy Satisfactory

Github Stars 8
Last Commit Mar 7, 2023

Eleventy blog theme with main focus on content, and less on everything …

Revista screenshot


Github Stars 1
Last Commit Jan 22, 2023

A fast, clean, and modern blog/magazine template

Supply screenshot


Github Stars 24
Last Commit Jan 17, 2023

Supply, a Jekyll e-commere theme built for Gumroad users.

BlogBox Jekyll Theme screenshot

BlogBox Jekyll Theme

Github Stars 3
Last Commit Dec 30, 2022

BlogBox is a minimal, bold, responsive, and easy-to-use Jekyll theme. …

Astro React Boilerplate with TypeScript and Tailwind CSS screenshot

Astro React Boilerplate with TypeScript and Tailwind CSS

Github Stars 260
Last Commit Aug 10, 2022

Astro boilerplate with responsive blog and portfolio template using …

Chulapa screenshot


Github Stars 13
Last Commit Jan 23, 2023

A full flexible Jekyll theme for Github Pages.

Brook screenshot


Github Stars 7
Last Commit Sep 23, 2022

A Minimalisitc Eleventy Blogging Theme

Maverick screenshot


Github Stars 17
Last Commit Jan 14, 2023

A clean and minimal template for blog.

Quartz screenshot


Github Stars 0
Last Commit Oct 19, 2022

A crystalline Jekyll theme for blog

Portio Hugo screenshot

Portio Hugo

Github Stars 361
Last Commit Sep 4, 2022

Portio is a simple, minimal and responsive Portfolio Hugo Theme. …