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Hacked Jekyll screenshot

Hacked Jekyll

Github Stars 1
Last Commit Mar 8, 2023

Jekyll microtheme that looks like JSON

Cvless screenshot


Github Stars 8
Last Commit Mar 3, 2023

Jekyll theme for a beautiful online CV

Scroll screenshot


Github Stars 208
Last Commit Apr 10, 2023

Clean, responsive, single-page Hugo theme.

Bliss screenshot


Github Stars 14
Last Commit Mar 31, 2023

Elegant single-column blog template for Eleventy

Lightspeed screenshot


Github Stars 1
Last Commit Feb 18, 2023

A fast, simple, and privacy-respecting personal site and blog

Gatsby Clean Blog Starter screenshot

Gatsby Clean Blog Starter

Github Stars 0
Last Commit Feb 19, 2023

A Gatsby Blog starter with clean and simple theme!

Revista screenshot


Github Stars 1
Last Commit Jan 22, 2023

A fast, clean, and modern blog/magazine template

BlogBox Jekyll Theme screenshot

BlogBox Jekyll Theme

Github Stars 3
Last Commit Dec 30, 2022

BlogBox is a minimal, bold, responsive, and easy-to-use Jekyll theme. …

Brook screenshot


Github Stars 7
Last Commit Sep 23, 2022

A Minimalisitc Eleventy Blogging Theme

Scriptor Jekyll Theme screenshot

Scriptor Jekyll Theme

Github Stars 101
Last Commit Jul 19, 2022

Scriptor is a minimal, clean, modern and responsive Jekyll theme for …

MaterialPro Free NuxtJs Admin Template screenshot

MaterialPro Free NuxtJs Admin Template

Github Stars 13
Last Commit Jul 26, 2022

MaterialPro is Free NuxtJs admin Template. It allows you to create …

Osprey Delight screenshot

Osprey Delight

Github Stars 55
Last Commit May 1, 2022

Modular and fast theme perfectly suited for showing your work. Built …

JDox screenshot


Github Stars 2
Last Commit Jun 6, 2022

JDox is jekyll theme designed for personal or team blog with fully …

Mr. Green screenshot

Mr. Green

Github Stars 78
Last Commit Dec 29, 2022

Mr. Green is a multilingual theme generated with Jekyll and fully …

Tao screenshot


Github Stars 19
Last Commit Jul 21, 2022

A content-first minimalist Jekyll theme for blogs.