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Astro.js on Netlify Platform Starter screenshot

Astro.js on Netlify Platform Starter

Github Stars 9
Jul 8, 2024

Modern starter based on Astro.js, Tailwind, daisyUI, and Netlify Core …

Stellar screenshot


Github Stars 17
Mar 21, 2024

Modern type-safe documentation theme for Astro.

Astroship - Astro SAAS Starter screenshot

Astroship - Astro SAAS Starter

Github Stars 1192
May 23, 2024

Astroship is a starter template for startups, marketing websites, …

Micro Blog screenshot

Micro Blog

Github Stars 36
Jun 28, 2024

Microblog is a tiny blog template built with Astro, Tailwind CSS and …

Astro Max screenshot

Astro Max

Github Stars 90
Jun 28, 2024

AstroMax is a brutalist landing page for your agency.

Minimal screenshot


Github Stars 21
Jul 8, 2024

Minimal is a minimalistic astro theme for blogs.

Dante Portfolio & Blog Site with Astro.js screenshot

Dante Portfolio & Blog Site with Astro.js

Github Stars 187
Jun 28, 2024

Dante - uncluttered minimal blog and portfolio Astro.js + Tailwind CSS …

AstroPaper screenshot


Github Stars 2137
Jul 7, 2024

A minimal, accessible and SEO-friendly Astro blog theme

Starlight Docs screenshot

Starlight Docs

Github Stars 4173
Jul 9, 2024

Everything you need to build a stellar documentation website. Fast, …

Ovidius screenshot


Github Stars 63
Jun 29, 2024

Ovidius - a single-author blog theme for Astro.js and Tailwind CSS.

Astro Landing Page screenshot

Astro Landing Page

Github Stars 26
Mar 31, 2024

A simple landing page built with Astro and Tailwind CSS.

SwissFolio screenshot


Github Stars 71
Jun 28, 2024

free and open source personal landing page template with Swiss Design …

Quick Store screenshot

Quick Store

Github Stars 128
Apr 29, 2024

A simple Astro and Tailwind CSS open source template for your store. …

AstroSaas screenshot


Github Stars 222
Jun 28, 2024

An open source template for your next project.

AstroWind screenshot


Github Stars 771
Apr 1, 2023

AstroWind is a free and open-source template to make your website …

Astro React Boilerplate with TypeScript and Tailwind CSS screenshot

Astro React Boilerplate with TypeScript and Tailwind CSS

Github Stars 260
Aug 10, 2022

Astro boilerplate with responsive blog and portfolio template using …