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Minima screenshot


Github Stars 59
Last Commit Mar 21, 2021

An undoubtedly simple and lightweight dark/light mode theme for Hexo

Web-Nary screenshot


Github Stars 2
Last Commit Dec 9, 2020

An Hexo Template you ever wanted. This theme is perfect for Starting …

Lx screenshot


Github Stars 144
Last Commit Nov 29, 2020

A simple & clear & elegant hexo theme

Butterfly screenshot


Github Stars 2189
Last Commit Mar 30, 2021

A Hexo Theme: Butterfly

Hexo Material Netlify screenshot

Hexo Material Netlify

Github Stars 10
Last Commit Feb 27, 2019

Hexo + Netlify CMS starter based on material design

Aria screenshot


Github Stars 146
Last Commit Oct 20, 2019

A Hexo theme inspired by Kalafina's song ARIA.

HuWeihuang screenshot


Github Stars 266
Last Commit Mar 18, 2021

Ported theme of Hux Blog by YuHsuan, Modified by Hu Weihuang

Snippet screenshot


Github Stars 983
Last Commit Mar 18, 2021

Snippet 简洁而不简单,也许是一款你寻找已久的hexo主题

3-Hexo screenshot


Github Stars 423
Last Commit Feb 22, 2021


Edinburgh screenshot


Github Stars 290
Last Commit Aug 3, 2017

Beautiful minimal portfolio theme for Hexo.

Anodyne screenshot


Github Stars 140
Last Commit Jul 6, 2019

🌋 Original Bright Theme for Hexo

Aloha screenshot


Github Stars 68
Last Commit Oct 6, 2019

A hexo theme, use semantic ui.

Daily screenshot


Github Stars 245
Last Commit Mar 21, 2021

A simple theme for Hexo

Alpha Dust screenshot

Alpha Dust

Github Stars 274
Last Commit Aug 21, 2020

🌠 Original Futuristic Hexo Theme

Phantom screenshot


Github Stars 217
Last Commit Nov 27, 2018

Hexo implementation of Phantom (https://html5up.net/phantom)

Hexo Clean Blog screenshot

Hexo Clean Blog

Github Stars 365
Last Commit Feb 8, 2021

Hexo implementation of Clean Blog …

Chan screenshot


Github Stars 148
Last Commit Oct 9, 2016

A super simple and elegant theme for hexo