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Hugo Flex screenshot

Hugo Flex

Github Stars 88
Jan 23, 2024

A lightweight Hugo theme leveraging CSS Flexbox.

Tailwind screenshot


Github Stars 39
Feb 19, 2024

Clean card Hugo theme for blog, created by using tailwindcss

Vibrant Shadows screenshot

Vibrant Shadows

Github Stars 12
Dec 10, 2023

A deeply customizable, extremely lightweight, and super fast 'Blog …

Dot-Org screenshot


Github Stars 25
Jan 24, 2024

Hugo theme for a small organization, developed by CNCF.

Lotus Docs screenshot

Lotus Docs

Github Stars 214
Dec 4, 2023

A free, lightweight, modern documentation theme for Hugo

Docura screenshot


Github Stars 52
Feb 12, 2024

A modular Hugo theme to build your next documentation site

Hugo Xterm screenshot

Hugo Xterm

Github Stars 24
Feb 8, 2024

Hugo theme designed for reading and printing text with dark and light …

TeXify2 screenshot


Github Stars 20
Jan 22, 2024

A minimal, latex-style hugo theme for personal blogging

Scroll screenshot


Github Stars 247
Feb 21, 2024

Clean, responsive, single-page Hugo theme.

HB Starter Theme screenshot

HB Starter Theme

Github Stars 69
Feb 27, 2024

The starter theme of Hugo Bootstrap framework (HB).

Hugo blog awesome screenshot

Hugo blog awesome

Github Stars 39
Apr 1, 2023

Fast, minimal blog with dark mode support.

Poison screenshot


Github Stars 144
Jan 22, 2024

Professional Hugo theme for dev bloggers. Based on Mdo's classic Hyde …

Maverick screenshot


Github Stars 17
Jan 14, 2023

A clean and minimal template for blog.

DevLite CV screenshot

DevLite CV

Github Stars 2
Sep 24, 2022

Hugo Devlite CV theme is created for developers so they can create …

Portio Hugo screenshot

Portio Hugo

Github Stars 361
Sep 4, 2022

Portio is a simple, minimal and responsive Portfolio Hugo Theme. …

Blogge Hugo screenshot

Blogge Hugo

Github Stars 37
Sep 4, 2022

Blogge is a clean and minimal blog hugo theme suitable for someone …

Puppet screenshot


Github Stars 31
Nov 28, 2022

a responsive, simple and clean Hugo theme based on the Huxblog Jekyll …

Gokarna screenshot


Github Stars 147
Jan 9, 2023

An opinionated theme with a focus on minimalism and simplicity.