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PaperCSS screenshot


Github Stars 65
Last Commit Jun 8, 2021

A Hugo theme made with PaperCSS, the less formal CSS framework.

Swift screenshot


Github Stars 97
Last Commit Aug 13, 2021

A simple open source theme for publishing with hugo

KeepIt screenshot


Github Stars 171
Last Commit May 10, 2021

The most powerful minimal Hugo theme.

Basic screenshot


Github Stars 97
Last Commit May 21, 2020

Basic site theme styled with minimal tachyons, syntax highlighting, …

Cupper screenshot


Github Stars 195
Last Commit Sep 12, 2021

An accessibility-friendly Hugo theme, ported from the original Cupper …

Terminal screenshot


Github Stars 1000
Last Commit Aug 24, 2021

A simple, retro theme for Hugo

GoChowdown screenshot


Github Stars 54
Last Commit Mar 8, 2021

Hugo theme based on the Jekyll chowdown theme

Devfest Toulouse Theme screenshot

Devfest Toulouse Theme

Github Stars 64
Last Commit Sep 15, 2021

A theme for a conference website. Created for DevFest Toulouse 2019

Dot screenshot


Github Stars 184
Last Commit Sep 8, 2021

Dot - Hugo Documentation Theme

Vanilla Bootstrap screenshot

Vanilla Bootstrap

Github Stars 60
Last Commit May 25, 2021

A vanilla Bootstrap theme for Hugo

Terrassa screenshot


Github Stars 63
Last Commit Jul 28, 2021

Terrassa is a simple, fast and responsive theme for Hugo with a strong …

Yinyang screenshot


Github Stars 264
Last Commit Jun 15, 2021

a black-white theme for Hugo.

Minimal Bootstrap screenshot

Minimal Bootstrap

Github Stars 73
Last Commit Nov 25, 2020

A minimal hugo theme made with bootstrap

Hugo Mediumish screenshot

Hugo Mediumish

Github Stars 98
Last Commit Aug 12, 2021

A mediumish gohugo theme, ported from jekyll

Hugo Grayscale screenshot

Hugo Grayscale

Github Stars 33
Last Commit Jan 23, 2021

A multi-section single page theme intended as a landing page. This is …

Arabica screenshot


Github Stars 17
Last Commit Oct 12, 2019

A port of the Ghost arabica theme for Hugo

AlaGeek screenshot


Github Stars 44
Last Commit Jun 13, 2021

alaGeek is an enhanced version of the Cocoa theme featuring a …

Engimo screenshot


Github Stars 47
Last Commit Jan 11, 2020

minimo-eng - Minimalist theme for Hugo tuned for engineering content, …