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Future Imperfect Slim screenshot

Future Imperfect Slim

Github Stars 234
Last Commit Mar 9, 2021

Multilingual Blogging Theme for Hugo

Stip screenshot


Github Stars 17
Last Commit Apr 13, 2019

Stip is a single-page Hugo theme to introduce yourself, based on …

Cayman screenshot


Github Stars 26
Last Commit Jan 11, 2021

Cayman is a clean, responsive theme for Hugo, ported from the original …

Piercer screenshot


Github Stars 23
Last Commit Sep 10, 2019

Piercer is a very customizable, fast and simple Hugo theme designed …

Inkblotty screenshot


Github Stars 28
Last Commit Mar 29, 2021

Responsive Hugo theme based on Inkblot of WordPress theme

Aafu screenshot


Github Stars 22
Last Commit Mar 12, 2021

Single page portfolio theme with accordion and switchable dark/light …

Mero screenshot


Github Stars 10
Last Commit Jun 20, 2019

Hugo theme for personal blogs

Personal Web screenshot

Personal Web

Github Stars 71
Last Commit Sep 17, 2020

Hugo Template for Freelancer Portfolio and Blog

PaperCSS screenshot


Github Stars 52
Last Commit Mar 30, 2021

A Hugo theme made with PaperCSS, the less formal CSS framework.

Hugo Flex screenshot

Hugo Flex

Github Stars 56
Last Commit Mar 11, 2021

A lightweight Hugo theme leveraging CSS Flexbox

Swift screenshot


Github Stars 90
Last Commit Apr 6, 2021

A simple open source theme for publishing with hugo

KeepIt screenshot


Github Stars 153
Last Commit Sep 3, 2020

The most powerful minimal Hugo theme.

Basic screenshot


Github Stars 91
Last Commit May 21, 2020

Basic site theme styled with minimal tachyons, syntax highlighting, …

Cupper screenshot


Github Stars 181
Last Commit Jan 13, 2021

An accessibility-friendly Hugo theme, ported from the original Cupper …

Terminal screenshot


Github Stars 854
Last Commit Mar 21, 2021

A simple, retro theme for Hugo

Hello Friend Ng screenshot

Hello Friend Ng

Github Stars 909
Last Commit Apr 2, 2021

Pretty basic theme for Hugo that covers all of the essentials. All you …

GoChowdown screenshot


Github Stars 47
Last Commit Mar 8, 2021

Hugo theme based on the Jekyll chowdown theme