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M10c screenshot


Github Stars 229
Last Commit Mar 7, 2021

A minimalistic (m10c) blog theme for Hugo

Devfest Toulouse Theme screenshot

Devfest Toulouse Theme

Github Stars 62
Last Commit Mar 30, 2021

A theme for a conference website. Created for DevFest Toulouse 2019

Dot screenshot


Github Stars 164
Last Commit Mar 7, 2021

Dot - Hugo Documentation Theme

Yuki screenshot


Github Stars 18
Last Commit Dec 15, 2019

❄️ She is as pure as the snow

Vncnt-hugo screenshot


Github Stars 39
Last Commit Apr 15, 2020

a simple theme for hugo.

Niello screenshot


Github Stars 7
Last Commit Oct 29, 2019

A Dark Theme for Hugo

Onepress screenshot


Github Stars 20
Last Commit Feb 7, 2019

A simple, clean, and responsive 'Hugo - Static Site Generator' theme …

Sada screenshot


Github Stars 13
Last Commit Nov 3, 2019

Simple hugo theme for resume created using Bootstrap 4

Vanilla Bootstrap screenshot

Vanilla Bootstrap

Github Stars 54
Last Commit Feb 19, 2021

A vanilla Bootstrap theme for Hugo

Slick screenshot


Github Stars 41
Last Commit Jan 10, 2021

A fast, minimal, responsive theme for Hugo which honours your privacy

Terrassa screenshot


Github Stars 61
Last Commit Jul 25, 2020

Terrassa is a simple, fast and responsive theme for Hugo with a strong …

Yinyang screenshot


Github Stars 228
Last Commit Feb 17, 2021

a black-white theme for Hugo.

Tikva screenshot


Github Stars 7
Last Commit Dec 20, 2020

Tikva is a minimalistic Hugo theme, based on Bootstrap v4 CSS …

Robotico screenshot


Github Stars 4
Last Commit Jan 28, 2019

A minimal hugo theme based on Ala Geek

Hallo Hugo screenshot

Hallo Hugo

Github Stars 79
Last Commit Jan 9, 2021

Hallo is a single-page Hugo theme to introduce yourself.

Hugo Apps Theme screenshot

Hugo Apps Theme

Github Stars 10
Last Commit Mar 8, 2020

Hugo Apps Theme

Bootstrap-BP screenshot


Github Stars 33
Last Commit Mar 27, 2021

Bootstrap based Hugo theme which provides out of the box best …