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Hugo Grayscale screenshot

Hugo Grayscale

Github Stars 45
Last Commit Jan 23, 2021

A multi-section single page theme intended as a landing page. This is …

AlaGeek screenshot


Github Stars 59
Last Commit Oct 2, 2022

alaGeek is an enhanced version of the Cocoa theme featuring a …

Book screenshot


Github Stars 2173
Last Commit Nov 11, 2022

Hugo documentation theme as simple as plain book

Engimo screenshot


Github Stars 48
Last Commit Oct 25, 2022

minimo-eng - Minimalist theme for Hugo tuned for engineering content, …

hello-friend screenshot


Github Stars 969
Last Commit Jan 7, 2023

Pretty basic theme for Hugo that covers all of the essentials. All you …

Hugo Clean White screenshot

Hugo Clean White

Github Stars 525
Last Commit Jan 18, 2023

A clean, elegant blog theme for hugo

Min_night screenshot


Github Stars 20
Last Commit Dec 7, 2020

An easy on the eyes Hugo blog theme with dark mode.

Reveal-Hugo screenshot


Github Stars 549
Last Commit Jan 23, 2023

📽️ Create rich HTML-based presentations with Hugo and Reveal.js

Jane screenshot


Github Stars 812
Last Commit Dec 22, 2022

A readable & concise theme for Hugo

Hugo Massively screenshot

Hugo Massively

Github Stars 131
Last Commit Nov 11, 2022

Massively theme for Hugo static site generator

Dopetrope screenshot


Github Stars 25
Last Commit Apr 6, 2022

Dopetrope theme for Hugo static site generator

Bare Min screenshot

Bare Min

Github Stars 76
Last Commit May 31, 2022

A bare minimum theme for Hugo ( to help develop and …

Revealjs screenshot


Github Stars 46
Last Commit Jan 7, 2018

Use Hugo to build a presentation, powered by RevealJS

Hugotube screenshot


Github Stars 9
Last Commit May 24, 2021

Responsive Hugo theme inspired in YouTube layout

W3.CSS Basic screenshot

W3.CSS Basic

Github Stars 51
Last Commit Sep 5, 2021

Onetwothree screenshot


Github Stars 40
Last Commit Sep 16, 2019

A responsive minimalist theme for Hugo that is simple as 1, 2, 3

Journal screenshot


Github Stars 73
Last Commit Apr 2, 2021

Minimalist theme for gohugo

Hugo-Classic screenshot


Github Stars 118
Last Commit Sep 15, 2021

A simple and text-centric theme for