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Mediator screenshot


Github Stars 788
Last Commit Jan 7, 2019

a medium inspired jekyll theme

Jekyll Clean screenshot

Jekyll Clean

Github Stars 175
Last Commit Feb 12, 2020

A simple and clean Jekyll theme that's easy to modify. See it here:

Agency Jekyll screenshot

Agency Jekyll

Github Stars 752
Last Commit Feb 27, 2017

Agency Theme for Jekyll

Feeling Responsive screenshot

Feeling Responsive

Github Stars 698
Last Commit Sep 13, 2021

»Feeling Responsive« is a free flexible theme for Jekyll built on …

Solid screenshot


Github Stars 333
Last Commit May 7, 2019

A Jekyll port of the Solid theme (by

Freelancer screenshot


Github Stars 1186
Last Commit Apr 5, 2021

Jekyll theme based on Freelancer Start Bootstrap theme

White Paper screenshot

White Paper

Github Stars 202
Last Commit Sep 3, 2021

Simple, elegant and clean jekyll theme.

Typewriter screenshot


Github Stars 50
Last Commit Jun 9, 2014

A simple and beautiful theme for Jekyll

Skinny Bones screenshot

Skinny Bones

Github Stars 785
Last Commit Aug 27, 2019

A Jekyll starter with a variety of flexible layouts and components.

Otter Pop screenshot

Otter Pop

Github Stars 29
Last Commit May 10, 2019

The world's greatest jekyll theme

Noita screenshot


Github Stars 39
Last Commit May 5, 2019

Noita is a Jekyll theme built with Foundation

Simpleyyt screenshot


Github Stars 42
Last Commit Apr 24, 2016

Jekyll theme

architect screenshot


Github Stars 89
Last Commit Jun 24, 2021

Open Source version of the GitHub Pages theme, now for Jekyll. Demo at …

Wangana screenshot


Github Stars 52
Last Commit Jun 3, 2018

Wangana is a responsive Jekyll theme, perfect for powering your GitHub …

Jekyll Now screenshot

Jekyll Now

Github Stars 7481
Last Commit Apr 12, 2018

Build a Jekyll blog in minutes, without touching the command line.

Solo (single-page) screenshot

Solo (single-page)

Github Stars 317
Last Commit Oct 25, 2017

:older_man: [UNMAINTAINED]: Solo is a Jekyll theme that supports …

HMFAYSAL OMEGA Theme screenshot


Github Stars 328
Last Commit Aug 31, 2016

HMFAYSAL OMEGA is a minimalist, beautiful, responsive theme for Jekyll …

Strange Case screenshot

Strange Case

Github Stars 63
Last Commit Dec 12, 2014

A theme for Jekyll