Elegant single-column blog template for Eleventy

Author Łukasz Wójcik
Github Stars 14
Last Commit Mar 31, 2023
Bliss screenshot

Bliss - Blog Template For Eleventy

Bliss is a single-column blog template for Eleventy with strong focus on simplicity without sacrificing functionality.


  • light / dark mode switcher + honoring browser color scheme preference
  • sharing buttons for popular social media (Mastodon, Twitter, FB and a few more) + copying post URL to clipboard
  • Mastodon integration: auto-generated .well-known/webfinger file + adding <link rel="me"> meta tags for verifying site ownership
  • translation ready
  • PWA ready
  • RSS, JSON, Twtxt.txt feeds + JSON-LD data
  • accessibility features
  • HSL color palette and CSS variables for quick personalization
  • custom disclaimers alongside post content
  • and more