An Hexo Template you ever wanted. This theme is perfect for Starting an Blog, open online library, testimonial blogs, news article and whatever you need it for.

Hexo Bootstrap SCSS Blog
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Last Commit Dec 9, 2020
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A Fully Customisable starter template for Hexo

This template is a lightweight starter kit based on Hexo Framework. It also gives you a well organised starting point to extend it for yourself.‚Äč You have many new inbuild features like search, sitemap, custom 404 page, contact forms, and much more…


  • Customisable design attributes
  • Customisable global data and navigation
  • Tags and tag archives
  • Dark Theme Pre-enabled
  • SEO ready
  • GIF preloader
  • Netlify Form pre-enabled
  • One Command netlify deploy
  • And, Much more to come ….