Privacy focused theme for Hugo using TailwindCSS

Author Christian Engel
Github Stars 19
Last Commit Nov 28, 2022
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Privacy focused theme for Hugo 🕵️

This theme was created with privacy in mind. By default, Disqus and Google Analytics are disabled, but you are free to use them, if you want. Instead this theme comes with configuration options for Isso and umami.


  • 🌝 /🌚 Automatic dark mode based on device setting
  • 💬 Isso commenting server similar to Disqus (self-hosted)
  • 📈 umami - simple, easy to use, web analytics solution (self-hosted)
  • 🐦 SVG (social) icons powered by ionicons, currently Twitter and Github are available, but more can be downloaded with a simple shell script
  • 🧑‍💻 Syntax highlighting with copy function
  • 🔗 Deeplinks to headings in a blog post

Full Installation Instructions