Jekyll theme for a beautiful online CV

Author Michele Piazzai
Github Stars 88
Last Commit Jan 22, 2024
Cvless screenshot


Cvless is a theme for static websites built with Jekyll. It aims for simplicity and readability by following best practices of graphic design, like the use of high contrast, law of proximity, and responsive layout. Its typography is based on the Piazzolla system, which performs extremely well over a wide range of font sizes.

The main aesthetic feature of the theme is the use of particles.js in the home and the 404 pages. In addition, the theme includes a well-designed CV page. Printing this from browser automatically adapts the layout for a more traditional appearance, so you no longer have to maintain a separate CV for offline distribution. Finally, the theme offers a simple and easily extensible blog.

Light and dark modes are available. The theme initializes based on system preferences and stores the user’s preference for the duration of the session.

See the demo to get a better sense of what the theme looks like.