Jekyll theme for a conference website

Author Michele Piazzai
Github Stars 10
Last Commit Jun 13, 2024
Nagymaros screenshot


Nagymaros is a Jekyll theme designed for conferences, workshops, meetings, and similar events. It has a simple and intuitive structure featuring four pages that provide key information about the event:

  • An index, meant for basic details and links to external sources, such as submission systems.
  • A program, allowing for single or multi-day schedules and color-coded event categories.
  • A map of conference locations, customizable with markers, areas, and tooltips.
  • An alphabetical list of contributors, with optional roles and email addresses.

The theme is based on Bootstrap 5, which makes it mobile-first and fully responsive. Body text is set in Inter, a clean sans-serif typeface that guarantees readability at small screen sizes. A slab-serif typeface, Zilla Slab, is used instead in display headings. The layout is adapted from jekyll-conference-theme and remains quite similar to it, but compared to this theme, Nagymaros aims to be simpler and easier to customize.

See the demo to find out what the theme looks like.