A minimal, super-lightweight, free Jekyll theme to create a single-page, link-in-bio website like Linktree or Later!

Author Digital Malayali
Github Stars 19
Last Commit Oct 11, 2023
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A simple link-in-bio theme for Jekyll

This theme is a lightweight option for creating a minimal Linktree-like website, and it is fully compatible with GitHub Pages.


  • 😊 Based on the original Linkhub template!
  • 📸 Add links to Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or any posts similar to Later’s link-in-bio!
  • ⚡ Uses a modified version of the lightweight CSS framework chota; the entire site size is around 160kb!
  • 🌙 Switch between dark and light modes; automatically choose the mode based on your system preference!
  • 😍 Icons powered by iconify; find tons of free icons for almost any purpose!
  • 🔠 Categorize links; store your links under various categories!