MaterialPro Free NuxtJs Admin Template

MaterialPro is Free NuxtJs admin Template. It allows you to create stunning backend application and more. It comes with ready to use UI Blocks & Elements to help level up the design and aesthetics of your project. MaterialPro is built on Nuxt 3 + Vite + Vuetify 3 + Typescript + Vue3.

Author WrapPixel
Github Stars 13
Last Commit Jul 26, 2022
MaterialPro Free NuxtJs Admin Template screenshot

Xtreme NextJs Free Dashboard

The free version comes with elegant grid design that helps you play around with the look and feel of the web app the way you want. Even if you’re a novice developer, clean code and easy to customize will get you up to speed in no time. Checkout other Nuxtjs Templates and VueJs Templates by WrapPixel.

MaterialPro Free Nuxt Js Template Features

  • Nice and Creative Dashboard
  • 5+ Custom Page Templates
  • 2+ Integrated Plugins
  • Charts, Tables and Carousel Designs
  • Cars and Buttons

Developer friendly

  • Nuxt.js for Static Site Generator
  • Type checking TypeScript
  • Linter with ESLint
  • Code Formatter with Prettier
  • SEO metadata

This Template comes with

  • Code Splitting
  • SEO Friendly
  • Easy to Customize
  • Production Ready