Minimalistic dark mode blogging and portfolio template made using NextJS

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Last Commit Feb 3, 2024
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Minimalistic dark mode blogging and portfolio template made using NextJS

Demo: https://lotse.vercel.app


  • Employs Contentlayer for mdx compilation
  • Boasts an ultra-minimalistic design for a clean user experience
  • Developed with NextJS & TailwindCSS
  • Achieves nearly perfect scores in Page Speed Insights
  • Implements Katex for mathematical equation displays
  • Optimized for SEO, enhancing visibility and accessibility

Quick start guide

  1. Fork this repo
  2. Modify the blog.config.js with your own site data
const CONFIG = {
    title: "Your site title",
    baseURL: "URL of your site",
    darkBackground: "#1a1a1a", // background color
module.exports = CONFIG;
  1. Replace the app/favicon.ico using your own icon
  2. Write your about in content/about.mdx
  3. To deploy you can use Vercel or Netlify. import the repo and deploy.

Post & Project structure

Check the contentlayer.config.js to see or modify all fields.

Creating a Post

To create a post, simply generate a .mdx file in the content/posts directory. Ensure the file name is user-friendly, such as securing-your-web-applications-best-practices-in-web-security.mdx.

title: "The title of your post (required)"
date: date of your post (YYYY-MM-DD format, also required)
draft: 'false' or 'true' (required)

The title should be between " " to prevent conflicts, an example of this:

title: "Automation with Bash Streamlining Repetitive Tasks"
date: 2023-11-11
draft: false

For projects, the structure involves only the title. Create a .mdx file in the content/projects directory.

title: "The title of your project (required)"


Contributions of any kind are appreciated. Feel free to fork the project and submit a pull request.


This project is licensed under the MIT License