Not Pure Poole

A simple, beautiful, and powerful Jekyll theme for blogs

Author Songzi Vong
Github Stars 77
Last Commit Oct 8, 2020
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A simple starter kit for Gridsome

Not Pure Poole is a simple, beautiful, and powerful Jekyll theme for blogs. It is built on Poole and Pure.


  • Jekyll SEO Tag
  • Jekyll Feed
  • Jekyll Sitemap
  • Jekyll Gist
  • Google Analytics
  • Disqus
  • Font Awesome
  • Dark mode (enabled automatically via CSS media query)
  • Posts archive by dates, categories, and tags
  • Pagination, generated by Jekyll Paginate
  • TOC (generated by Vladimir “allejo” Jimenez’s jekyll-toc)
  • Related posts (time-based, because Jekyll) below each post
  • Mobile friendly design and development
  • Easily scalable text and component sizing with rem units in the CSS
  • Support for a wide gamut of HTML elements
  • Syntax highlighting, courtesy Pygments (the Python-based code snippet highlighter)