Prezly Bea Theme

News site built with NextJS, Typescript and Prezly SDK

Author Prezly
Github Stars 25
Last Commit Jan 19, 2023
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Deploy the example using Vercel or Netlify:

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Scripts in package.json

In addition to regular Next scripts, we provide some scripts to help with code-styling checks. This repo is configured with GitHub workflows to run linter checks on every push, but you can also run these checks locally, along with TypeScript checks, by running this script:

npm run check

Prettier is configured to be managed by ESLint, but you can always run it separately with npm run prettier to check code-style, or with npm run prettier:fix to auto-fix code-style issues in the project.


Business logic

The data layer is abstracted by [Prezly Theme Kit]. You can get more info on it in the repo README.

Logic for content display is based heavily on [Prezly Theme Starter]. Check it out if you only want to see the bare minimum required to display data from Prezly newsrooms.


To ease with development we have created a few sample newsrooms in different categories:

A list of tokens/newsroom uuids that can be used to kickstart the theme.

NameAPI TokenNewsroom UUID
Good NewsroomHKcab_nEbab_a7b2fe3a3465d3729772fa5381800ab5a0c30d8d578e78e9-9a5b-44ad-bda2-5214895ee036
Anonymous PhotographerSKcab_nEbab_0b63a6dd0b09286cc99fab93e6e80bfd9aecfbb5ce8299f6-a293-41df-8ffc-1c064d4401bc