Flotiq Gatsby Shop 2 – Green Shop

Flotiq starter for creating a shop with gatsby

Author Flotiq team
Github Stars 15
Last Commit Dec 23, 2022
Flotiq Gatsby Shop 2 – Green Shop screenshot

Flotiq gatsby starter for shop

We want to introduce you to the Flotiq E-commerce starter. Its beautiful and modern design focuses on simplicity and provides your consumers with the most incredible possible buying experience.

The focus of this template is on simplicity. It has a simple layout, minimal and effective interactions, and no extra clutter, allowing the user to complete a transaction in just a few clicks. Flotiq design team carefully chose the site’s typeface and colour design to give it a nice, uncomplicated appearance.

Bootstrap simple e-commerce using Gastby.js, Snipcart and Flotiq.


  • Responsive design using UIkit
  • Responsive navigation
  • Rich media
  • Easy to deploy
  • Maximized page speed score
  • SEO friendly
  • Web fonts - built using fonts from Google Fonts