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E25DX screenshot


Github Stars 58
Jun 23, 2024

Your next documentation theme...

Astro.js on Netlify Platform Starter screenshot

Astro.js on Netlify Platform Starter

Github Stars 9
Jul 8, 2024

Modern starter based on Astro.js, Tailwind, daisyUI, and Netlify Core …

Stellar screenshot


Github Stars 17
Mar 21, 2024

Modern type-safe documentation theme for Astro.

Gatsby Holo screenshot

Gatsby Holo

Github Stars 18
Jul 1, 2024

A stunning and minimal starter theme for Portfolio's, Blog's, and …

Jekyll-Professional-Resume screenshot


Github Stars 15
May 1, 2024

A simple and modern resume template, best fit for either Academic CV …

YANBT (Yet Another Nuxt Blog Theme) screenshot

YANBT (Yet Another Nuxt Blog Theme)

Github Stars 3
Apr 6, 2024

A simple blog theme. Built using nuxt3 and nuxt content.

Tokyo screenshot


Github Stars 0
Mar 16, 2024

This is a simple HTML template for Gozer. It's clean and …

Magazine screenshot


Github Stars 0
Mar 16, 2024

Free CSS “Magazine” template, adapted for the Gozer static generator.

Astroship - Astro SAAS Starter screenshot

Astroship - Astro SAAS Starter

Github Stars 1192
May 23, 2024

Astroship is a starter template for startups, marketing websites, …

OneFlow Jekyll Theme screenshot

OneFlow Jekyll Theme

Github Stars 6
May 1, 2024

A theme to effortlessly create stunning OnePager Websites, offering …

Jekyll-theme-Satellite screenshot


Github Stars 18
May 20, 2024

An emotional and adorable blog theme powered by Jekyll.

Hugo Flex screenshot

Hugo Flex

Github Stars 96
Jul 1, 2024

A lightweight Hugo theme leveraging CSS Flexbox.

Micro Blog screenshot

Micro Blog

Github Stars 36
Jun 28, 2024

Microblog is a tiny blog template built with Astro, Tailwind CSS and …

Astro Max screenshot

Astro Max

Github Stars 90
Jun 28, 2024

AstroMax is a brutalist landing page for your agency.

Minimal screenshot


Github Stars 21
Jul 8, 2024

Minimal is a minimalistic astro theme for blogs.

Materio Vuetify NuxtJS Admin Template screenshot

Materio Vuetify NuxtJS Admin Template

Github Stars 39
Jul 4, 2024

This is an open-source Vuetify NuxtJS admin template built with VueJS …

Dante Portfolio & Blog Site with Astro.js screenshot

Dante Portfolio & Blog Site with Astro.js

Github Stars 187
Jun 28, 2024

Dante - uncluttered minimal blog and portfolio Astro.js + Tailwind CSS …

Halide screenshot


Github Stars 27
Apr 4, 2024

Responsive image portfolio theme, built with Eleventy and Tina CMS

AstroPaper screenshot


Github Stars 2137
Jul 7, 2024

A minimal, accessible and SEO-friendly Astro blog theme

Tailwind screenshot


Github Stars 84
Jul 8, 2024

Clean card Hugo theme for blog, created by using tailwindcss

Vibrant Shadows screenshot

Vibrant Shadows

Github Stars 13
Dec 10, 2023

A deeply customizable, extremely lightweight, and super fast 'Blog …

Starlight Docs screenshot

Starlight Docs

Github Stars 4173
Jul 9, 2024

Everything you need to build a stellar documentation website. Fast, …

Wind screenshot


Github Stars 9
Jul 8, 2024

Wind is a clean, minimalistic Jekyll theme designed to offer a …

Ovidius screenshot


Github Stars 63
Jun 29, 2024

Ovidius - a single-author blog theme for Astro.js and Tailwind CSS.

Nagymaros screenshot


Github Stars 10
Jun 13, 2024

Jekyll theme for a conference website

Linkhub screenshot


Github Stars 27
May 22, 2024

A minimal, super-lightweight, free Jekyll theme to create a …

Dot-Org screenshot


Github Stars 37
May 29, 2024

Hugo theme for a small organization, developed by CNCF.

Multiplicity screenshot


Github Stars 26
Jul 1, 2024

RSS-based blog aggregator starter pack based on Eleventy

Horizon Flow screenshot

Horizon Flow

Github Stars 4
Dec 19, 2023

Mobile friendly with a clean sidebar-free layout, highly customizable.

Astro Landing Page screenshot

Astro Landing Page

Github Stars 26
Mar 31, 2024

A simple landing page built with Astro and Tailwind CSS.

Lotus Docs screenshot

Lotus Docs

Github Stars 304
Dec 4, 2023

A free, lightweight, modern documentation theme for Hugo

Docura screenshot


Github Stars 60
Feb 12, 2024

A modular Hugo theme to build your next documentation site

Hugo Xterm screenshot

Hugo Xterm

Github Stars 34
May 2, 2024

Hugo theme designed for reading and printing text with dark and light …

TeXify2 screenshot


Github Stars 23
Jun 3, 2024

A minimal, latex-style hugo theme for personal blogging

SwissFolio screenshot


Github Stars 71
Jun 28, 2024

free and open source personal landing page template with Swiss Design …

Quick Store screenshot

Quick Store

Github Stars 128
Apr 29, 2024

A simple Astro and Tailwind CSS open source template for your store. …

AstroSaas screenshot


Github Stars 222
Jun 28, 2024

An open source template for your next project.

Hacked Jekyll screenshot

Hacked Jekyll

Github Stars 100
Jun 2, 2024

Jekyll microtheme that looks like JSON

Cvless screenshot


Github Stars 88
Jan 22, 2024

Jekyll theme for a beautiful online CV

Gatsby Clay screenshot

Gatsby Clay

Github Stars 33
Jun 29, 2024

Image-centric Gatsby theme for publishers, portfolio, photographers …

Scroll screenshot


Github Stars 256
Jul 8, 2024

Clean, responsive, single-page Hugo theme.

HB Starter Theme screenshot

HB Starter Theme

Github Stars 76
Jul 7, 2024

The starter theme of Hugo Bootstrap framework (HB).

AstroWind screenshot


Github Stars 771
Apr 1, 2023

AstroWind is a free and open-source template to make your website …

Bliss screenshot


Github Stars 14
Mar 31, 2023

Elegant single-column blog template for Eleventy

Lightspeed screenshot


Github Stars 1
Feb 18, 2023

A fast, simple, and privacy-respecting personal site and blog

Hugo blog awesome screenshot

Hugo blog awesome

Github Stars 39
Apr 1, 2023

Fast, minimal blog with dark mode support.

Eleventy Satisfactory screenshot

Eleventy Satisfactory

Github Stars 8
Mar 7, 2023

Eleventy blog theme with main focus on content, and less on everything …

Revista screenshot


Github Stars 1
Jan 22, 2023

A fast, clean, and modern blog/magazine template

Supply screenshot


Github Stars 24
Jan 17, 2023

Supply, a Jekyll e-commere theme built for Gumroad users.

Simply Cyan screenshot

Simply Cyan

Github Stars 13
Feb 23, 2023

Simply Cyan is a Jekyll theme dedicated to text and reading. This …

BlogBox Jekyll Theme screenshot

BlogBox Jekyll Theme

Github Stars 3
Dec 30, 2022

BlogBox is a minimal, bold, responsive, and easy-to-use Jekyll theme. …

Astro React Boilerplate with TypeScript and Tailwind CSS screenshot

Astro React Boilerplate with TypeScript and Tailwind CSS

Github Stars 260
Aug 10, 2022

Astro boilerplate with responsive blog and portfolio template using …

Chulapa screenshot


Github Stars 13
Jan 23, 2023

A full flexible Jekyll theme for Github Pages.

Poison screenshot


Github Stars 171
Mar 18, 2024

Professional Hugo theme for dev bloggers. Based on Mdo's classic Hyde …

Brook screenshot


Github Stars 7
Sep 23, 2022

A Minimalisitc Eleventy Blogging Theme

Blagor screenshot


Github Stars 0
Oct 1, 2022

A starter for personal and professional blog, built with GatbyJS and …

Maverick screenshot


Github Stars 17
Jan 14, 2023

A clean and minimal template for blog.

DevLite CV screenshot

DevLite CV

Github Stars 2
Sep 24, 2022

Hugo Devlite CV theme is created for developers so they can create …

Quartz screenshot


Github Stars 0
Oct 19, 2022

A crystalline Jekyll theme for blog

Portio Hugo screenshot

Portio Hugo

Github Stars 361
Sep 4, 2022

Portio is a simple, minimal and responsive Portfolio Hugo Theme. …

Jekyll LibDoc screenshot

Jekyll LibDoc

Github Stars 13
Jan 22, 2023

A Jekyll documentation theme with built-in search and playground

Blogge Hugo screenshot

Blogge Hugo

Github Stars 37
Sep 4, 2022

Blogge is a clean and minimal blog hugo theme suitable for someone …

Puppet screenshot


Github Stars 31
Nov 28, 2022

a responsive, simple and clean Hugo theme based on the Huxblog Jekyll …

jekyllBear screenshot


Github Stars 20
Oct 25, 2022

A port of the awesome, minimal Bear Blog default theme to Jekyll, as a …

Gatsby Starter Icarus Blog screenshot

Gatsby Starter Icarus Blog

Github Stars 3
Oct 19, 2022

A Gatsby Blog theme like icarus theme in Hexo, Support typescript …

Gokarna screenshot


Github Stars 147
Jan 9, 2023

An opinionated theme with a focus on minimalism and simplicity.

Roxo | a digital agency template screenshot

Roxo | a digital agency template

Github Stars 22
Oct 6, 2022

Roxo is a digital agency theme for creative agencies, freelancers, …

Scriptor Jekyll Theme screenshot

Scriptor Jekyll Theme

Github Stars 101
Jul 19, 2022

Scriptor is a minimal, clean, modern and responsive Jekyll theme for …

MaterialPro Free NuxtJs Admin Template screenshot

MaterialPro Free NuxtJs Admin Template

Github Stars 13
Jul 26, 2022

MaterialPro is Free NuxtJs admin Template. It allows you to create …

Biscuit screenshot


Github Stars 12
Jul 1, 2022

Biscuit is a single-page responsive Jekyll theme.

Material You screenshot

Material You

Github Stars 13
Dec 23, 2022

A Jekyll theme for Material You Lovers by Sharad Raj Singh Maurya

Osprey Delight screenshot

Osprey Delight

Github Stars 55
May 1, 2022

Modular and fast theme perfectly suited for showing your work. Built …

NuxtJs Tailwind Blog Starter screenshot

NuxtJs Tailwind Blog Starter

Github Stars 46
May 10, 2022

This theme is based on NuxtJS with tailwind css & hosted in Netlify.

JDox screenshot


Github Stars 2
Jun 6, 2022

JDox is jekyll theme designed for personal or team blog with fully …

CoHub Hugo screenshot

CoHub Hugo

Github Stars 36
Nov 23, 2022

coHub is a simple, minimal and responsive Portfolio Hugo Theme. coHub …

Apsho Hugo screenshot

Apsho Hugo

Github Stars 71
Sep 4, 2022

Apsho Hugo – App Landing Page is the perfect app showcase Hugo Theme. …

Paws screenshot


Github Stars 2
Jan 29, 2022

Lightweight and simple static site template for researchers in the …

Mr. Green screenshot

Mr. Green

Github Stars 78
Dec 29, 2022

Mr. Green is a multilingual theme generated with Jekyll and fully …

Tao screenshot


Github Stars 19
Jul 21, 2022

A content-first minimalist Jekyll theme for blogs.

Flotiq Gatsby Shop 2 – Green Shop screenshot

Flotiq Gatsby Shop 2 – Green Shop

Github Stars 15
Dec 23, 2022

Flotiq starter for creating a shop with gatsby

Flotiq Gatsby Shop 1 – Merch Store screenshot

Flotiq Gatsby Shop 1 – Merch Store

Github Stars 17
Dec 23, 2022

Flotiq starter for creating a shop with gatsby

Flotiq Gatsby Recipe 2 – All you can eat screenshot

Flotiq Gatsby Recipe 2 – All you can eat

Github Stars 10
Dec 23, 2022

Flotiq starter for creating a recipes catalogue with gatsby

Flotiq Gatsby Recipe 1 – Black and White Classic screenshot

Flotiq Gatsby Recipe 1 – Black and White Classic

Github Stars 12
Dec 23, 2022

Flotiq starter for creating a recipes catalogue with gatsby

Flotiq Gatsby Portfolio 2 – Monochrome screenshot

Flotiq Gatsby Portfolio 2 – Monochrome

Github Stars 13
Dec 23, 2022

Flotiq starter for creating a projects portfolio with gatsby

Flotiq Gatsby Portfolio 1 – Creator screenshot

Flotiq Gatsby Portfolio 1 – Creator

Github Stars 13
Dec 23, 2022

Flotiq starter for creating a projects portfolio with gatsby

Flotiq Gatsby Event 2 – Weekly View Calendar screenshot

Flotiq Gatsby Event 2 – Weekly View Calendar

Github Stars 11
Dec 23, 2022

Flotiq starter for creating an event calendar with gatsby

Flotiq Gatsby Event 1 – Monthly View Calendar screenshot

Flotiq Gatsby Event 1 – Monthly View Calendar

Github Stars 11
Dec 23, 2022

Flotiq starter for creating an event calendar with gatsby

Flotiq Gatsby Blog 2 – Modern screenshot

Flotiq Gatsby Blog 2 – Modern

Github Stars 14
Dec 23, 2022

Flotiq starter for creating a blog with gatsby

Flotiq Gatsby Blog 1 – Gradient screenshot

Flotiq Gatsby Blog 1 – Gradient

Github Stars 13
Dec 23, 2022

Flotiq starter for creating a blog with gatsby

chringel screenshot


Github Stars 19
Nov 28, 2022

Privacy focused theme for Hugo using TailwindCSS

Hugo Winston screenshot

Hugo Winston

Github Stars 159
Oct 20, 2022

Hugo Winston is a bold minimal blogging theme.

Hugo Atlantic Tailwind Blog screenshot

Hugo Atlantic Tailwind Blog

Github Stars 36
Jun 21, 2022

Hugo Atlantic is a Tailwind 3 blog theme

Minimalist Hugo theme screenshot

Minimalist Hugo theme

Github Stars 39
Jul 31, 2022

Minimalist is content focused, minimal theme for Hugo

Just me! screenshot

Just me!

Github Stars 5
Nov 25, 2022

A minimal and fancy theme for Hugo to create Personal Pages with no …

Gatsby Material Starter screenshot

Gatsby Material Starter

Github Stars 509
Jul 6, 2022

A Material Design oriented blog starter for GatsbyJS equipped with …

Anatole screenshot


Github Stars 554
Jan 6, 2023

Anatole is a minimalist two-column Hugo theme based on …

H2O-ac screenshot


Github Stars 9
Nov 24, 2022

A jekyll theme for academic researchers and system maintainers!

Digital Garden screenshot

Digital Garden

Github Stars 121
Jan 21, 2023

Build your own personal Digital Garden effortlessly with this Hugo …

Urban Theme screenshot

Urban Theme

Github Stars 98
Jan 8, 2022

Minimal jekyll theme for visual artists

Jam screenshot


Github Stars 20
Jul 31, 2022

Jam is a minimal personal blog and portfolio theme powered by Hugo.

Serial Programmer screenshot

Serial Programmer

Github Stars 30
Jul 3, 2022

A Gatsby theme for serial programmers by Sharad Raj Singh Maurya

Bilberry Hugo screenshot

Bilberry Hugo

Github Stars 297
Jan 16, 2023

Clean, responsive, and feature-rich blogging theme ported from the …

Serial Programmer screenshot

Serial Programmer

Github Stars 98
Nov 25, 2022

A Jekyll theme for serial programmers by Sharad Raj Singh Maurya

Serial Programmer screenshot

Serial Programmer

Github Stars 33
Jul 22, 2022

A Hugo theme for serial programmers by Sharad Raj Singh Maurya

Lynx screenshot


Github Stars 138
Jan 17, 2023

A simple links theme for Hugo built with Tailwind CSS.

tailieubkhn convert theme screenshot

tailieubkhn convert theme

Github Stars 8
Dec 31, 2021

If you want convert your website domain to domain github page, will …

Gatsby Headless Multilingual screenshot

Gatsby Headless Multilingual

Github Stars 58
Aug 13, 2022

The most powerful multilanguage blog starter for Gatsby. Completely …

Jekyll Atlantic Tailwind Blog screenshot

Jekyll Atlantic Tailwind Blog

Github Stars 56
Sep 13, 2022

Jekyll Atlantic is a beautiful Tailwind CSS theme. It shows best …

Hydrogen Jekyll screenshot

Hydrogen Jekyll

Github Stars 64
Oct 25, 2022

A Lightweight and Concise Jekyll theme For You.

Ephesus screenshot


Github Stars 59
Nov 21, 2021

Ephesus is a minimalist Jekyll theme, designed for personal blog use.

Antarctica screenshot


Github Stars 24
Jun 4, 2022

Stylish and feature-rich theme for Jekyll

Listed screenshot


Github Stars 52
Jul 31, 2022

Minimalistic, clean and simple design Hugo theme

Jekyll Garden screenshot

Jekyll Garden

Github Stars 208
Dec 16, 2022

A Digital Garden Theme for Jekyll. Jekyll Garden lets you create a …

Eleventy Chirpy Blog Template screenshot

Eleventy Chirpy Blog Template

Github Stars 54
Jan 31, 2022

11ty version of the popular Chirpy Jekyll blog theme

Congo screenshot


Github Stars 586
Jan 22, 2023

A powerful, lightweight theme for Hugo built with Tailwind CSS.

Minimalist screenshot


Github Stars 69
Sep 5, 2022

Minimalist is a Jekyll theme inspired by the Minimal theme.

Eleventy Yetty screenshot

Eleventy Yetty

Github Stars 42
Nov 1, 2021

Yetty is yet another [Eleventy]( starter kit for my (& …

Gatsby Advanced Starter screenshot

Gatsby Advanced Starter

Github Stars 1513
Jul 17, 2022

Gatsby Advanced Starter aims to provide a minimal base for building …

Eleventy Soft UI Design screenshot

Eleventy Soft UI Design

Github Stars 25
Aug 7, 2021

Eleventy Soft UI is an Eleventy adaptation of Soft UI Design System, a …

Jekyll CV screenshot

Jekyll CV

Github Stars 131
Aug 5, 2021

Lightweight jekyll theme for your CV with dark mode support

Tufte screenshot


Github Stars 85
Feb 18, 2022

Content centric Hugo blogging theme styled with Tufte-css.

Hugo Bootstrap Theme screenshot

Hugo Bootstrap Theme

Github Stars 338
Jan 23, 2023

An extreme fast, responsive and feature-rich blog theme for Hugo.

brutalist-blog screenshot


Github Stars 49
Aug 29, 2021

brutalist-blog is a no frills, fully-responsive, hyper-minimalistic …

GraphCMS Blog screenshot

GraphCMS Blog

Github Stars 44
Apr 12, 2022

Gatsby starter for creating a basic blog with GraphCMS

Blist screenshot


Github Stars 211
Jan 9, 2023

Blist is a clean and fast blog theme for your Hugo site.

Forever Jekyll screenshot

Forever Jekyll

Github Stars 57
May 5, 2022

Forever Jekyll is a simple, elegant & full featured Jekyll theme.

11straps screenshot


Github Stars 91
Aug 18, 2022

A Eleventy + Bootstrap 5 starter kit.

Gatsby Netlify CMS Modern blog web-app screenshot

Gatsby Netlify CMS Modern blog web-app

Github Stars 48
Aug 9, 2023

This public repo is an example blog web-app that is built with Gatsby …

Fernfolio screenshot


Github Stars 63
Jan 23, 2023

The super simple portfolio template built with Eleventy and DecapCMS

academic screenshot


Github Stars 79
Jun 2, 2022

A Jekyll theme for academia

Hugo Curious screenshot

Hugo Curious

Github Stars 20
Dec 25, 2021

A modern and full-featured Hugo theme for personal blog. Blogs, Notes, …

Watery screenshot


Github Stars 9
Jul 24, 2022

A minimalist, bare-bones theme for Jekyll only using the Water.css …

Purelog screenshot


Github Stars 18
Feb 4, 2022

A responsive sidebar Jekyll theme using the Pure.css framework, …

Enjoyment Work screenshot

Enjoyment Work

Github Stars 71
Dec 8, 2022

A Digital Garden: Capturing my daily thoughts and progress, as well as …

ShowFolio screenshot


Github Stars 77
Sep 1, 2022

Modern portfolio theme for your Hugo site

Newsliner Gatsby + Ghost Starter screenshot

Newsliner Gatsby + Ghost Starter

Github Stars 14
Sep 8, 2021

A starter template for Ghost & Gatsby brought to you by Epilocal as …

Hugo Landing Page screenshot

Hugo Landing Page

Github Stars 69
Nov 28, 2021

A simple landing page built with Hugo and Tailwind CSS.

11ty Landing Page screenshot

11ty Landing Page

Github Stars 89
Jul 13, 2021

A simple landing page built with 11ty and Tailwind CSS.

Gatsby Starter Glass screenshot

Gatsby Starter Glass

Github Stars 140
Oct 7, 2022

A Minimal & Beautiful GatsbyJS Personal Blog Starter With Nice …

Eleventy + Stylus Blog Theme - Purple screenshot

Eleventy + Stylus Blog Theme - Purple

Github Stars 45
Jan 3, 2023

A nice-looking, mobile-first and dark theme friendly blog theme built …

Gradfolio screenshot


Github Stars 135
Dec 8, 2022

responsive, dark-mode ready Jekyll theme designed for use as a …

Pudhina Fresh screenshot

Pudhina Fresh

Github Stars 62
May 28, 2022

A minimal yet feature-rich Jekyll theme made for personal websites and …

Eleventy Duo screenshot

Eleventy Duo

Github Stars 175
Oct 7, 2022

Eleventy Duo is a minimal and beautiful Eleventy theme for personal …

Ticky Tacky Dark screenshot

Ticky Tacky Dark

Github Stars 6
Nov 11, 2022

Ticky Tacky Dark's front page is a set of little boxes, all the same, …

AutoPhugo screenshot


Github Stars 69
Oct 29, 2022

Image gallery/photoblog theme for Hugo.

uBlogger screenshot


Github Stars 245
Sep 14, 2021

Content readability and seo optimization, that's what the topic …

Doks screenshot


Github Stars 1395
Nov 28, 2022

Doks is a Hugo theme helping you build modern documentation websites …

Moonwalk screenshot


Github Stars 221
Nov 1, 2022

Moonwalk is a lightweight, fast and elegant Jekyll theme with a clean …

Scully Starter Kontent Lumen screenshot

Scully Starter Kontent Lumen

Github Stars 2
Nov 5, 2020

Minimal, lightweight, and mobile-first starter for creating blogs …

Sapper Kontent Café screenshot

Sapper Kontent Café

Github Stars 2
Sep 24, 2020

Website showcase for fictional café with Svelte, Sapper, and Kentico …

Memoirs Statiq Kontent Theme screenshot

Memoirs Statiq Kontent Theme

Github Stars 9
Apr 29, 2022

Full featured theme for Kontent and Statiq using Kontent.Statiq …

Jekyll Kontent Blog screenshot

Jekyll Kontent Blog

Github Stars 0
Oct 19, 2022

Sample blog website built using Kentico Kontent as a content …

Gridsome Kontent Lumen screenshot

Gridsome Kontent Lumen

Github Stars 9
Oct 5, 2020

Lumen is a minimal, lightweight and mobile-first starter for creating …

Gridsome Kontent Dancing Goat screenshot

Gridsome Kontent Dancing Goat

Github Stars 3
Dec 8, 2022

Gridsome implementation of the Dancing Goat Starter site.

Gatsby Kontent Paperbase screenshot

Gatsby Kontent Paperbase

Github Stars 9
Jun 15, 2020

Material UI Paperbase Starter for Gatsby with Kentico Kontent.

PaperMod screenshot


Github Stars 5338
Dec 24, 2022

A fast, clean, responsive Hugo theme based on Paper

Hugo Connectome Theme screenshot

Hugo Connectome Theme

Github Stars 25
Jan 5, 2023

A Hugo theme for online community notes with backlinks and graph of …

Dumbarton screenshot


Github Stars 43
Mar 2, 2021

A Jekyll theme designed for academics, powered by Bootstrap

Gatsby Personal Portfolio screenshot

Gatsby Personal Portfolio

Github Stars 33
Nov 4, 2020

This theme is a minimalistic resume style Gatsby portfolio

Hugo-profile screenshot


Github Stars 298
Jan 22, 2023

The fastest Hugo theme for personal portfolio and blog.

Statiq Starter Kontent Lumen screenshot

Statiq Starter Kontent Lumen

Github Stars 22
Oct 25, 2022

Lumen is a lightweight starter for creating blogs using Statiq and …

Commerce.js Vue.js Boilerplate screenshot

Commerce.js Vue.js Boilerplate

Github Stars 43
Nov 24, 2021

Commerce.js boilerplate built with Vue.js, for fast eCommerce …

Vredeburg screenshot


Github Stars 139
Aug 13, 2021

A simple starter project to create a blog using Eleventy and Tailwind …

Minima screenshot


Github Stars 163
Apr 2, 2022

An undoubtedly simple and lightweight dark/light mode theme for Hexo

Hugo Serif screenshot

Hugo Serif

Github Stars 351
Jan 23, 2023

Serif is a modern business theme for Hugo. It contains content types …

Gatsby Nice Blog screenshot

Gatsby Nice Blog

Github Stars 27
Jan 1, 2021

A nice starter gatsby blog post template with

Neat Starter screenshot

Neat Starter

Github Stars 257
Jun 20, 2022

Starter Template for Netlify CMS, Eleventy, Alpine JS & Tailwind CSS

Not Pure Poole screenshot

Not Pure Poole

Github Stars 77
Oct 8, 2020

A simple, beautiful, and powerful Jekyll theme for blogs

devlopr-jekyll screenshot


Github Stars 564
Dec 12, 2022

A Jekyll Theme built for Developers and Software Engineers, Dark Mode …

Pudhina screenshot


Github Stars 86
Oct 25, 2022

Pudhina A simple, minimal Jekyll theme for a personal web page and …

Lines screenshot


Github Stars 62
Jul 31, 2022

Minimalistic and clean Hugo blogging theme.

Yet Another Theme (YAT) screenshot

Yet Another Theme (YAT)

Github Stars 608
Aug 28, 2022

🎨 Yet another theme for elegant writers with modern flat style.

vHealth - Virtual healthcare screenshot

vHealth - Virtual healthcare

Github Stars 38
Sep 13, 2020

Modular and easy to use Gatsby template for a Healthcare Startup.

11r screenshot


Github Stars 136
Jun 24, 2022

A blog template and theme using 11ty, TailwindCSS, Rollup, Prism …

Lone Wolf Theme screenshot

Lone Wolf Theme

Github Stars 16
Jul 1, 2021

A simple bootstrap based jekyll theme.

What A Theme screenshot

What A Theme

Github Stars 169
Sep 5, 2022

WhatATheme is a customizable Jekyll Portfolio theme which supports …

Mere Blog Theme screenshot

Mere Blog Theme

Github Stars 26
Feb 27, 2021

Mere is a minimal and simple blog theme, and nothing more, for use …

Bulma Clean Theme screenshot

Bulma Clean Theme

Github Stars 317
Mar 5, 2022

A clean and simple Jekyll theme built with the Bulma CSS framework …

dark-poole screenshot


Github Stars 100
Oct 8, 2020

Dark Poole is a permanent dark theme of the Poole theme by @mdo.

no style, please! screenshot

no style, please!

Github Stars 680
Jul 8, 2021

A (nearly) no-CSS, fast, minimalist Jekyll theme.

Fundamenty screenshot


Github Stars 55
Feb 11, 2022

11ty Starter with Multi-language support, SEO-friendly, GitHub/GitLab …

jekyll Podcaster screenshot

jekyll Podcaster

Github Stars 47
Sep 12, 2022

Podcaster is a dynamic Jekyll theme built for... Podcasters!

Bay screenshot


Github Stars 101
Oct 19, 2022

Bay is a simple theme for Jekyll.

Gridsome Tailwind CSS Shopify Starter screenshot

Gridsome Tailwind CSS Shopify Starter

Github Stars 32
Jul 24, 2020

This Gridsome Shopify starter app is built with Tailwind CSS.

Gatsby Markdown Material TypeScript/TSX Responsive Blog Starter screenshot

Gatsby Markdown Material TypeScript/TSX Responsive Blog Starter

Github Stars 7
Jul 3, 2020

Markdown Material UI TypeScript/TSX

Hugo Iris screenshot

Hugo Iris

Github Stars 58
Jan 20, 2023

This theme is a lightweight and dark theme for a blog or a portfolio

Eleventy Starter Boilerplate screenshot

Eleventy Starter Boilerplate

Github Stars 247
May 26, 2021

🚀 Eleventy Starter Boilerplate is production-ready with SEO-friendly …

Jamify Starter screenshot

Jamify Starter

Github Stars 185
Oct 27, 2021

Publish flaring fast blogs with Gatsby and Ghost

Platframe default starter screenshot

Platframe default starter

Github Stars 38
Feb 19, 2021

Platframe's default (responsive) starter template.

Nuxt Tailwind Netlify CMS Starter screenshot

Nuxt Tailwind Netlify CMS Starter

Github Stars 136
Feb 25, 2022

Start with Typescript, TailwindCSS, Nuxt, Netlify Forms & Netlify CMS, …

Nuxt Netlify CMS Boilerplate screenshot

Nuxt Netlify CMS Boilerplate

Github Stars 67
Apr 19, 2021

A super unopinionated starter project.

Hyde starter blog with Netlify CMS screenshot

Hyde starter blog with Netlify CMS

Github Stars 4
Jan 3, 2018

A boilerplate for creating a blog site with Hyde

Hugo starter Kaldi screenshot

Hugo starter Kaldi

Github Stars 419
Jan 23, 2023

A Hugo boilerplate for creating a blog site

Hugo Casper screenshot

Hugo Casper

Github Stars 34
Apr 9, 2021

A Hugo boilerplate for creating a blog site backed with DecapCMS.

Gatsby DevBlog screenshot

Gatsby DevBlog

Github Stars 403
Jul 16, 2020

A fully customizable blog template designed for developers (or anyone …

Delog GatsbyJS screenshot

Delog GatsbyJS

Github Stars 189
May 18, 2020

Delog is developed for professional bloggers and web designers to …

BigCommerce Gatsby Starter Netlify CMS screenshot

BigCommerce Gatsby Starter Netlify CMS

Github Stars 116
Sep 3, 2020

Example Gatsby, BigCommerce and Netlify CMS project meant to jump …

Awake Nuxt Blog screenshot

Awake Nuxt Blog

Github Stars 198
Dec 11, 2020

Awake is a Nuxt.js template for generating a beautifully robust static …

Artisan Static screenshot

Artisan Static

Github Stars 41
Dec 12, 2021

An advanced starter template for building a static Jigsaw blog.

Geekyll Starter Blog screenshot

Geekyll Starter Blog

Github Stars 17
Aug 29, 2020

A minimal Jekyll theme for blogging inspired by Gatsby Starter Blog.

Foundation screenshot


Github Stars 256
Dec 3, 2022

A starter to launch your blazing fast personal website and a blog, …

YAMT screenshot


Github Stars 70
Feb 27, 2021

YAMT is a minimal Jekyll theme focused on simplicity and ease-of-use.

Storyblok's Gridsome Boilerplate (Moon-Theme) screenshot

Storyblok's Gridsome Boilerplate (Moon-Theme)

Github Stars 13
Apr 27, 2021

Gridsome Website by Storyblok

Sugoi screenshot


Github Stars 27
Oct 19, 2020

An Ultra Minimal Hugo Theme based on Skeleton

Docusaurus Theme No Style screenshot

Docusaurus Theme No Style

Github Stars 5
Jul 28, 2019

This theme is a trim down from @docusaurus/theme-classic of Docusaurus …

Gatsby Kontent Photon screenshot

Gatsby Kontent Photon

Github Stars 12
Jun 29, 2020

Kentico Kontent web template using Gatsby and Kentico Kontent.

Intro. screenshot


Github Stars 303
May 5, 2021

Personal branding theme for developers

Neumorphism screenshot


Github Stars 282
May 25, 2022

Neumorphism designed Jekyll theme for personal websites, portfolios …

Directus Metalsmith Snipcart screenshot

Directus Metalsmith Snipcart

Github Stars 14
Mar 6, 2017

API-First CMS Primer with Directus' Open Source Headless CMS

RG Portfolio screenshot

RG Portfolio

Github Stars 47
Apr 2, 2021

Kick-off your Portfolio website with RG-Portfolio gatsby starter. We …

Mediumish screenshot


Github Stars 99
Oct 31, 2021

:mediumish: A blog theme for Vuepress

Memoirs screenshot


Github Stars 298
Oct 31, 2021

Memoirs - beautiful free Jekyll theme

Jekyll Klisé screenshot

Jekyll Klisé

Github Stars 648
Sep 16, 2022

Klisé is a minimalist Jekyll theme for running a personal site or …

Hitchens screenshot


Github Stars 241
Oct 1, 2020

An inarguably well-designed Jekyll theme by Pat Dryburgh.

Dark Porfolio Theme for 11ty screenshot

Dark Porfolio Theme for 11ty

Github Stars 21
Mar 23, 2020

This is a port of the Dark Portfolio Template by W3C to 11ty!

Snipcart Middleman screenshot

Snipcart Middleman

Github Stars 14
Jan 26, 2017

Demo code for an e-commerce static site with Snipcart & Middleman.

Gatsby Starter Prismic Resume screenshot

Gatsby Starter Prismic Resume

Github Stars 30
Jun 24, 2019

Resume/CV page - Gatsby starter which uses Prismic as a headless CMS.

Gatsby Snipcart screenshot

Gatsby Snipcart

Github Stars 16
Jul 22, 2019

Gatsby and Snipcart Starter

Gatsby Prismic Starter Prist screenshot

Gatsby Prismic Starter Prist

Github Stars 342
Jul 6, 2020

Gatsby starter for portfolios and blogs using Prismic CMS

Gatsby Prismic i18n screenshot

Gatsby Prismic i18n

Github Stars 84
Nov 28, 2019

Based on gatsby-starter-prismic with Internationalization (i18n) …

Airtable listing theme for Gatsby screenshot

Airtable listing theme for Gatsby

Github Stars 78
Dec 16, 2020

Gatsby starter theme integrated with Airtable

Ace documentation screenshot

Ace documentation

Github Stars 91
Nov 14, 2022

Create amazing projec documentation with Ace, featuring code …

Portfolio theme for Gatsby screenshot

Portfolio theme for Gatsby

Github Stars 107
Feb 22, 2021

Gatsby portfolio theme integrated with Contentful

Creative Theme - New screenshot

Creative Theme - New

Github Stars 49
Dec 4, 2020

A Jekyll theme based on Creative Theme v5.1.8 and Bootstrap v4.3.1

Friday Theme screenshot

Friday Theme

Github Stars 56
Sep 18, 2021

A Bootstrap 4 portfolio and blog theme for Jekyll.

Compose screenshot


Github Stars 199
Jan 23, 2023

A hugo theme for documentation sites. It's inspired by …

Gatsby Contentful Blog and Portfolio screenshot

Gatsby Contentful Blog and Portfolio

Github Stars 24
Aug 6, 2020

A Gatsby starter for a portfolio with a blog, using Contentful as the …

Sidey screenshot


Github Stars 442
Jul 31, 2022

Simple and minimalistic jekyll blogging theme

Retro Yellow screenshot

Retro Yellow

Github Stars 2
Oct 21, 2022

A Minimal Light theme for Jekyll with minimal CSS by Sharad Raj Singh …

11tyFrame screenshot


Github Stars 6
May 14, 2020

A light site frame using Eleventy static site generator

Gridsome Airtable Starter screenshot

Gridsome Airtable Starter

Github Stars 23
Dec 21, 2020

A Gridsome starter leveraging Airtable with a minimalist design.

Chunky Poster screenshot

Chunky Poster

Github Stars 106
Nov 13, 2020

A simple, bootstrap 4 based hugo blog theme.

Gatsby Starter for Scientists screenshot

Gatsby Starter for Scientists

Github Stars 9
Dec 27, 2022

A portfolio or lab website for Scientists built with Gatsby

Gatsby Pocket screenshot

Gatsby Pocket

Github Stars 38
Sep 24, 2020

A Gatsby theme that adds a pocket to your website.

Dark Reader screenshot

Dark Reader

Github Stars 47
Jul 22, 2022

A Minimal Dark theme for jekyll with minimal CSS by Sharad Raj Singh …

Ultra screenshot


Github Stars 62
Jul 31, 2022

Ultra - Super fast Jekyll theme

Gray screenshot


Github Stars 21
Jul 31, 2022

Gray - Single column blog and portfolio Jekyll theme

Colorie screenshot


Github Stars 87
Jul 31, 2022

Colorie - Single column blog and portfolio Jekyll theme

Bael Theme screenshot

Bael Theme

Github Stars 203
Sep 13, 2020

Brutalist Blog theme for Netlify CMS

Jekyll Serif screenshot

Jekyll Serif

Github Stars 528
Oct 21, 2022

Serif is a beautiful small business theme for Jekyll.

Whisper screenshot


Github Stars 160
Sep 6, 2020

Whisper is a minimal documentation theme for Hugo.

Hero screenshot


Github Stars 122
Jan 8, 2021

Hero is a modern fullwidth business theme for Hugo.

Lx screenshot


Github Stars 194
Nov 26, 2022

A simple & clear & elegant hexo theme

Garth screenshot


Github Stars 109
Nov 22, 2020

🥁 A really basic theme for Jekyll

Simpol Theme screenshot

Simpol Theme

Github Stars 14
Oct 9, 2017

Simpol Theme is a clean, minimal website theme all about the writing, …

Cereus Pro screenshot

Cereus Pro

Github Stars 7
Apr 28, 2019

Blazing Fast & Minimalist Blog Hugo Themes for Developer

DocuAPI screenshot


Github Stars 645
Jan 15, 2023

Beautiful multilingual API documentation theme for Hugo

Gatsby Starter Point screenshot

Gatsby Starter Point

Github Stars 9
Nov 26, 2020

A humble Gatsby starter for blog

Onassis screenshot


Github Stars 23
Jul 15, 2021

The Onassis Theme for Jekyll

Flexible Gatsby screenshot

Flexible Gatsby

Github Stars 43
Jan 13, 2023

Flexible-Gatsby is a simple and clean theme for Gatsby

The Interesting Times screenshot

The Interesting Times

Github Stars 47
Jul 15, 2021

The Interesting Times Theme for Jekyll

Milo Bootstrap screenshot

Milo Bootstrap

Github Stars 7
Apr 5, 2020

A Bootstrap theme tweaked for Jekyll :heart:

Gatsby Starter Fractal screenshot

Gatsby Starter Fractal

Github Stars 21
Jan 13, 2022

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on Fractal by HTML5 UP

Gatsby Wordpress Typescript Scss Blog screenshot

Gatsby Wordpress Typescript Scss Blog

Github Stars 51
Aug 8, 2022

Gatsby Wordpress Typescript Blog Boilerplate

Gatsby Markdown Blog Starter screenshot

Gatsby Markdown Blog Starter

Github Stars 61
Mar 19, 2020

Gatsby Markdown Blog Starter, demo link:

Bonneville screenshot


Github Stars 39
Feb 27, 2022

Jekyll HTML Pages screenshot

Jekyll HTML Pages

Github Stars 2
Jun 28, 2024

A minimalistic Jekyll theme designed for use on GitHub Pages

Gastby Starter Zenii screenshot

Gastby Starter Zenii

Github Stars 33
Jan 5, 2021

A One-page Gatsby starter built with Tailwindcss and Postcss.

Blowfish screenshot


Github Stars 247
Jan 18, 2023

A powerful, lightweight theme for Hugo built with Tailwind CSS.

Newsroom screenshot


Github Stars 212
Jan 11, 2023

A simple, minimalistic Hugo theme. View Demo here

Darkfolio screenshot


Github Stars 19
Apr 21, 2021

Gridsome portfolio theme (Forestry ready)

Gatsby Starter Interviews screenshot

Gatsby Starter Interviews

Github Stars 5
Aug 13, 2019

A responsive Gatsby starter for structured Q&A Interviews

Brevifolia Gridsome Forestry screenshot

Brevifolia Gridsome Forestry

Github Stars 24
Aug 31, 2020

A simple starter blog built with Gridsome & Forestry

Gatsby Starter Organization screenshot

Gatsby Starter Organization

Github Stars 3
Aug 12, 2019

A Gatsby starter template that uses @geocine/gatsby-theme-organization

Seven screenshot


Github Stars 126
Jun 28, 2021

Eleventy template using Bootstrap, Sass, Webpack, Vue.js powered …

Eleventy Hylia Forestry screenshot

Eleventy Hylia Forestry

Github Stars 23
Nov 3, 2020

Hylia is a lightweight Eleventy starter kit to help you to create your …

Hugo Webslides screenshot

Hugo Webslides

Github Stars 114
Feb 23, 2022

This is a Hugo template to create WebSlides presentation using …

Gatsby Auth Aws Amplify screenshot

Gatsby Auth Aws Amplify

Github Stars 34
Dec 28, 2020

A full-featured AWS Amplify Auth starter made with GatsbyJS

Doors screenshot


Github Stars 13
Feb 5, 2022

🚪Single page theme for links to your works

Gatsby Agility screenshot

Gatsby Agility

Github Stars 26
Apr 14, 2021

A sample GatsbyJS website using the Agility CMS Gatsby source plugin

Gatsby Starter Elemental screenshot

Gatsby Starter Elemental

Github Stars 132
Oct 10, 2020

Gatsby starter for portfolio sites

Gatsby Apollo Netlify screenshot

Gatsby Apollo Netlify

Github Stars 11
Sep 7, 2020

This project is an easy way to start developing fullstack apps with …

ColorDrop screenshot


Github Stars 18
Dec 9, 2022

Customizable, monochromatic and minimalist hugo theme for personal …

Gatsby Firebase Starter screenshot

Gatsby Firebase Starter

Github Stars 60
Mar 31, 2020

🔥 Starter Project / Boilerplate for Authentication and creating …

Gatsby Fashion Portfolio screenshot

Gatsby Fashion Portfolio

Github Stars 8
May 8, 2021

A Gatsby starter for a professional and minimal fashion portfolio.

Gatsby Starter Krisp screenshot

Gatsby Starter Krisp

Github Stars 11
Jul 18, 2019

A minimal, clean and responsive starter built with gatsby

Eleventy Starter Ghost screenshot

Eleventy Starter Ghost

Github Stars 306
Jan 11, 2022

A starter template to build websites with Ghost & Eleventy

Gatsby Starter Newage screenshot

Gatsby Starter Newage

Github Stars 29
Jul 12, 2020

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on New Age by startbootstrap

Gatsby Brevifolia Forestry screenshot

Gatsby Brevifolia Forestry

Github Stars 54
Jul 13, 2020

A simple starter blog built with Gatsby & Forestry

Gatsby Tailwind Serif screenshot

Gatsby Tailwind Serif

Github Stars 29
Apr 9, 2022

A Gatsby theme based on gatsby-serif-theme, rewrite with Tailwind CSS.

Gatsby All In screenshot

Gatsby All In

Github Stars 152
Jan 25, 2020

🗃⚛️A GatsbyJs starter that includes the most popular js libraries, …

Gatsby Photo Book screenshot

Gatsby Photo Book

Github Stars 92
Jul 19, 2022

A Gatsby starter for sharing photosets.

Gatsby Airtable Advanced Starter screenshot

Gatsby Airtable Advanced Starter

Github Stars 21
May 22, 2020

A Gatsby Starter Blog using Airtable as backend

Ultronele eLearning screenshot

Ultronele eLearning

Github Stars 18
Oct 9, 2019

Gatsby Theme for UltronEle - the Fastest Elearning Engine in the world

Eleventy Minimal Blog screenshot

Eleventy Minimal Blog

Github Stars 90
Oct 4, 2021

A blog template using eleventy

Gatsby Starter Casual screenshot

Gatsby Starter Casual

Github Stars 12
Jan 13, 2022

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on Casual by startbootstrap

Jamdocs screenshot


Github Stars 218
Jan 4, 2022

The ultimate staic generated documentation theme for the JAM-stack. …

Gatsby Apollo Starter screenshot

Gatsby Apollo Starter

Github Stars 16
Jun 25, 2019

Gatsby Apollo starter - with client side routing

Gatsby Starter Stylish screenshot

Gatsby Starter Stylish

Github Stars 9
Jan 13, 2022

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on Stylish Portfolio by …

Gatsby Starter Tailwindplay screenshot

Gatsby Starter Tailwindplay

Github Stars 70
Sep 4, 2019

GatsbyJS Tailwind Starter - TailwindPlay

Gatsby Starter Grayscale screenshot

Gatsby Starter Grayscale

Github Stars 25
Jan 13, 2022

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on Grayscale by startbootstrap

Gatsby Ghub screenshot

Gatsby Ghub

Github Stars 25
Aug 7, 2019

Gatsby Starter Resume screenshot

Gatsby Starter Resume

Github Stars 66
Jan 13, 2022

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on Resume by startbootstrap

Gatsby Typescript Jest screenshot

Gatsby Typescript Jest

Github Stars 20
Oct 27, 2020

The default Gatsby starter with Typescript and Jest

Eleventy Hylia screenshot

Eleventy Hylia

Github Stars 841
Jun 10, 2020

Hylia is a lightweight Eleventy starter kit to help you to create your …

Gatsby Starter Solidstate screenshot

Gatsby Starter Solidstate

Github Stars 31
Jan 13, 2022

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on Solid State by HTML5 UP

Docter screenshot


Github Stars 9
May 2, 2020

Hugo port of cfpb/docter

Gatsby Starter Spectral screenshot

Gatsby Starter Spectral

Github Stars 45
Jan 13, 2022

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on Spectral by HTML5 UP

Gatsby Starter Directive screenshot

Gatsby Starter Directive

Github Stars 10
Jan 13, 2022

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on Directive by HTML5 UP

Gatsby Github API screenshot

Gatsby Github API

Github Stars 16
Apr 4, 2022

Kick off your next, great Gatsby project with this Github source …

panthera-jekyll screenshot


Github Stars 17
Aug 1, 2020

A quick and simple responsive developer portfolio theme for jekyll …

Website Static screenshot

Website Static

Github Stars 100
Dec 19, 2020

Butterfly screenshot


Github Stars 4878
Jan 18, 2023

A Hexo Theme: Butterfly

LOFFER screenshot


Github Stars 343
Feb 28, 2021

博客主题 A forkable Jekyll theme with Chinese UI and document

Gatsby Starter Act Blog screenshot

Gatsby Starter Act Blog

Github Stars 2
May 31, 2019

ACT: Gatsby starter for blog/documentation using MDX, Ant Design, …

Gatsby Paradigmshift screenshot

Gatsby Paradigmshift

Github Stars 16
Jan 13, 2022

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on Paradigm Shift by HTML5 UP

Gatsby Starter Material-ui screenshot

Gatsby Starter Material-ui

Github Stars 28
Jan 19, 2020

A gatsby starter with Material UI

Gatsby Starter Honey screenshot

Gatsby Starter Honey

Github Stars 6
Jul 2, 2021

A delicious baseline for Gatsby (v2).

Gatsby Developer Diary screenshot

Gatsby Developer Diary

Github Stars 77
Nov 23, 2020

An official Gatsby blog template designed for web developers. Blazing …

The Plain Gatsby screenshot

The Plain Gatsby

Github Stars 26
Mar 18, 2021

A minimalist GatsbyJs starter for your personal blog.

Gatsby Starter Highlights screenshot

Gatsby Starter Highlights

Github Stars 16
Jan 13, 2022

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on highlights by HTML5 UP

Gatsby Starter Multiverse screenshot

Gatsby Starter Multiverse

Github Stars 17
Jan 13, 2022

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on multiverse by HTML5 UP

Gridsome Minimal Blog screenshot

Gridsome Minimal Blog

Github Stars 58
Sep 13, 2022

A blog built with Gridsome and Hosted on Netlify

Gatsby Starter Googlesheets screenshot

Gatsby Starter Googlesheets

Github Stars 17
Jul 6, 2020

A gatsby starter using Google Sheets

Gatsby Starter Overflow screenshot

Gatsby Starter Overflow

Github Stars 12
Jan 13, 2022

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on overflow by HTML5 UP

Gatsby London screenshot

Gatsby London

Github Stars 158
Nov 20, 2019

A free, open source, image-concentric starter for GatsbyJS

Gatsby Starter Prologue screenshot

Gatsby Starter Prologue

Github Stars 24
Jan 13, 2022

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on readonly by HTML5 UP

Gatsby Starter Readonly screenshot

Gatsby Starter Readonly

Github Stars 9
Jan 4, 2022

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on readonly by HTML5 UP

Gatsby Simple Blog screenshot

Gatsby Simple Blog

Github Stars 51
Nov 1, 2022

an easily configurable gatsby-starter-blog with overreacted looking …

Gatsby App Starter Rest Api screenshot

Gatsby App Starter Rest Api

Github Stars 38
May 7, 2020

Not todo Gatsby app for my talk

Gatsby Agency Portfolio screenshot

Gatsby Agency Portfolio

Github Stars 19
May 13, 2019

Portfolio client designed with creative agencies in mind.

Gatsby Starter Blockstack screenshot

Gatsby Starter Blockstack

Github Stars 5
May 25, 2019

Make decentralized apps with Gatsby + Blockstack

OneShopper screenshot


Github Stars 87
Aug 14, 2020

This is repository create for Ecommerce site With Gatsby js

Gatsby Starter Identity screenshot

Gatsby Starter Identity

Github Stars 16
Jan 13, 2022

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on Identity by HTML5 UP

Gatsby Starter Eventually screenshot

Gatsby Starter Eventually

Github Stars 33
Jan 13, 2022

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on Eventually by HTML5 UP

Gatsby Starter Aerial screenshot

Gatsby Starter Aerial

Github Stars 13
Jan 13, 2022

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on aerial by HTML5 UP

Gatsby Starter Hyperspace screenshot

Gatsby Starter Hyperspace

Github Stars 26
Jan 13, 2022

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on Hyperspace by HTML5 UP

Gatsby Datocms Starter screenshot

Gatsby Datocms Starter

Github Stars 29
Mar 8, 2021

⚛️ My preferred configuration for Gatsby DatoCMS projects

Gatsyb Mdb React screenshot

Gatsyb Mdb React

Github Stars 3
Jan 9, 2020

This is the single page web application starter that I built with …

Gatsby Gitbook Starter screenshot

Gatsby Gitbook Starter

Github Stars 949
Oct 20, 2022

Generate GitBook style modern docs/tutorial websites using Gatsby + …

Localization App Starter screenshot

Localization App Starter

Github Stars 3
May 3, 2019

A Gatsby localization website powered by Cosmic

Gatsby Starter Accessibility screenshot

Gatsby Starter Accessibility

Github Stars 6
Sep 1, 2020

A Gatsby starter with powerful built-in accessibility tools.

Gatsby Starter Sass screenshot

Gatsby Starter Sass

Github Stars 30
Feb 10, 2022

A Gatsby starter with Sass and no assumptions!

Gatsby Blog With Lunr screenshot

Gatsby Blog With Lunr

Github Stars 18
Jun 11, 2019

Building upon Gatsby's blog starter with a Lunr.js powered Site …

Gatsby Ggt Material-ui Blog screenshot

Gatsby Ggt Material-ui Blog

Github Stars 2
Mar 14, 2020

Gatsby starter that uses a Material-ui blog theme - letting you set up …

Gatsby Absurd screenshot

Gatsby Absurd

Github Stars 175
Jun 18, 2020

An absurd Gatsby starter

Gatsby Starter Fine screenshot

Gatsby Starter Fine

Github Stars 10
Apr 19, 2019

A fine blog starter for Gatsby

Gatsby Antd Docs screenshot

Gatsby Antd Docs

Github Stars 67
Oct 22, 2021

A gatsby starter for a technical documentation website

Blogophonic for Hugo screenshot

Blogophonic for Hugo

Github Stars 157
Jan 11, 2021

Blogophonic – a Hugo blog theme by Formspree

Ezhil screenshot


Github Stars 365
Apr 28, 2021

Clean and minimal personal blog theme for Hugo

Gatsby Firebase Hosting Starter screenshot

Gatsby Firebase Hosting Starter

Github Stars 12
Apr 11, 2019

Gatsby starter with Firebase hosting configuration

Gatsby Clean Portfolio screenshot

Gatsby Clean Portfolio

Github Stars 12
Jun 26, 2022

Official Gatsby.js Clean portfolio starter! Get a clean looking …

Gatsby Starter Devto screenshot

Gatsby Starter Devto

Github Stars 13
May 5, 2019

A GatsbyJS starter template that leverages the API

Cayman screenshot


Github Stars 40
Jan 3, 2023

Cayman is a clean, responsive theme for Hugo, ported from the original …

Gatsby Starter Paperbase screenshot

Gatsby Starter Paperbase

Github Stars 44
Mar 9, 2020

A Gatsby starter that implements the Paperbase Premium Theme from …

Gatsby Advanced Blog System screenshot

Gatsby Advanced Blog System

Github Stars 67
Feb 14, 2022

📰 This repository is a demo from the article about how to build our …

Gatsby Starter Landing Page screenshot

Gatsby Starter Landing Page

Github Stars 133
Apr 21, 2020

🖱 A simple, minimal Gatsby starter for quick and easy landing pages

Gatsby Starter Julia screenshot

Gatsby Starter Julia

Github Stars 164
Jan 8, 2023

A minimal GatsbyJS blog starter with landingpage, estimated reading …

MyClicks screenshot


Github Stars 6
Jul 27, 2019

Portfolio with gatsby and contentful

gatsby-material-kit-react screenshot


Github Stars 85
Apr 27, 2021

Adapt Material Kit React to Gatsby

Gridsome Bleda screenshot

Gridsome Bleda

Github Stars 177
Oct 20, 2020

Gridsome blog starter, built with Tailwind CSS

Gatsby Github Personal Website screenshot

Gatsby Github Personal Website

Github Stars 31
Jun 3, 2020

Repo for github portfolio using gatsby

Gatsby Starter Infinite Scroll screenshot

Gatsby Starter Infinite Scroll

Github Stars 157
Jul 18, 2022

A Gatsby starter with infinite scroll and pagination.

Cape screenshot


Github Stars 22
Mar 5, 2020

Gatsby Starter Portfolio screenshot

Gatsby Starter Portfolio

Github Stars 18
Feb 27, 2019

Gatsby starter for creating a portfolio website

Mdx Netlify CMS screenshot

Mdx Netlify CMS

Github Stars 88
Jan 25, 2020

Gatsby-MDX with Netlify CMS. Support React components in your CMS …

Gatsby Starter Styled Components screenshot

Gatsby Starter Styled Components

Github Stars 6
Jul 28, 2021

Gatsby starter using styled components with a sticky footer

Gridsome Starter Blog screenshot

Gridsome Starter Blog

Github Stars 384
Sep 30, 2019

A simple, hackable & minimalistic starter for Gridsome that uses …

Blogger screenshot


Github Stars 21
Feb 26, 2019

A Gatsby demo for blogging

Ououe screenshot


Github Stars 77
Dec 2, 2020

A blog theme for VuePress

wu-kan screenshot


Github Stars 211
Dec 24, 2022

A content-first, sliding sidebar theme for Jekyll.

Gatsby Starter Stripe screenshot

Gatsby Starter Stripe

Github Stars 107
Apr 21, 2021

🛒 A starter storefront with Gatsby, Stripe, & Netlify Functions.

PaperCSS screenshot


Github Stars 74
Jan 3, 2023

A Hugo theme made with PaperCSS, the less formal CSS framework.

Gatsby Wordpress Community screenshot

Gatsby Wordpress Community

Github Stars 9
Sep 10, 2019

Gatsby Starter to launch your blog from WordPress

Gatsby Jodie screenshot

Gatsby Jodie

Github Stars 321
Jan 6, 2023

Image-heavy photography portfolio with colorful accents & great …

Swift screenshot


Github Stars 112
Aug 13, 2021

A simple open source theme for publishing with hugo

Gatsby Docs App screenshot

Gatsby Docs App

Github Stars 6
Feb 12, 2019

Create and view documentation using Gatsby and Cosmic

Skeleventy screenshot


Github Stars 371
Feb 19, 2021

A skeleton boilerplate built with Eleventy.

Gatsby Starter Intl screenshot

Gatsby Starter Intl

Github Stars 11
Mar 7, 2019

Gatsby v2 i18n starter which makes static pages for every locale and …

portfolYOU screenshot


Github Stars 761
May 22, 2022

A beautiful portfolio Jekyll theme that works with GitHub Pages.

Tiny Agency screenshot

Tiny Agency

Github Stars 20
Jan 15, 2023

Simple Gatsby.js starter that uses material design and that's perfect …

Mundana Jekyll Theme screenshot

Mundana Jekyll Theme

Github Stars 596
Oct 31, 2021

Mundana is a free Jekyll theme, Medium styled.

Gatsby Starter Bee screenshot

Gatsby Starter Bee

Github Stars 624
May 15, 2022

🐝Full Package | Simple | Fresh UI | Blog Template :: Let's start to …

KeepIt screenshot


Github Stars 220
Mar 16, 2022

The most powerful minimal Hugo theme.

Simple Vuepress Theme screenshot

Simple Vuepress Theme

Github Stars 92
Dec 15, 2020

✏️ Very Simple Blog Theme for VuePress

Basic screenshot


Github Stars 101
May 21, 2020

Basic site theme styled with minimal tachyons, syntax highlighting, …

Cupper screenshot


Github Stars 269
Jan 4, 2023

An accessibility-friendly Hugo theme, ported from the original Cupper …

Terminal screenshot


Github Stars 1626
Jan 21, 2023

A simple, retro theme for Hugo

Typescript Rebass DecapCMS screenshot

Typescript Rebass DecapCMS

Github Stars 82
Nov 9, 2019

My default Gatsby setup. Includes rich MDX support.

Moltin ecommerce starter screenshot

Moltin ecommerce starter

Github Stars 93
Jun 17, 2020

Moltin + Gatsby powered online store

Blog screenshot


Github Stars 129
Dec 27, 2022

Source for my blazing fast blog

Gatsby Starter Buttercms screenshot

Gatsby Starter Buttercms

Github Stars 5
Dec 19, 2022

A starter template for spinning up a Gatsby+ ButterCMS site

Twenty Twentyone screenshot

Twenty Twentyone

Github Stars 4
Feb 2, 2021

This is a simple little blog with support for writing math

GoChowdown screenshot


Github Stars 64
Jun 3, 2022

Hugo theme based on the Jekyll chowdown theme

Gatsby Starter Docz screenshot

Gatsby Starter Docz

Github Stars 7
Jan 19, 2019

Simple starter where building your own documentation with Docz is …

Gatsby Craftcms Barebones screenshot

Gatsby Craftcms Barebones

Github Stars 11
Nov 16, 2019

Barebones starter for a Headless Craft CMS & Gatsby configuration.

Chirpy screenshot


Github Stars 3469
Jan 18, 2023

A Jekyll theme with responsive web design that focuses on text …

Devfest Toulouse Theme screenshot

Devfest Toulouse Theme

Github Stars 74
Apr 15, 2022

A theme for a conference website. Created for DevFest Toulouse 2019

Material UI Business screenshot

Material UI Business

Github Stars 63
Aug 4, 2020

Beautiful Gatsby Material UI Business Starter

Automatic screenshot


Github Stars 2866
Jun 14, 2021

A Jekyll theme for automatically generating and deploying landing page …

Gridsome Forestry Starter screenshot

Gridsome Forestry Starter

Github Stars 138
Feb 19, 2022

Gridsome starter kit with Forestry (CMS)

Gatsby Starter Blog Mdx screenshot

Gatsby Starter Blog Mdx

Github Stars 66
Jan 25, 2020

Live Demo

Gatsby Minimal Portfolio Blog screenshot

Gatsby Minimal Portfolio Blog

Github Stars 11
May 27, 2020

GatsbyJS starter for a minimal portfolio website with blog. Suitable …

Gatsby Tailwindcss Sass Starter screenshot

Gatsby Tailwindcss Sass Starter

Github Stars 5
Jan 5, 2019

Just another Gatsby Tailwind with SASS starter

Gatsby Careers Page screenshot

Gatsby Careers Page

Github Stars 7
Dec 29, 2018

Job Listing Page

Nangka Theme screenshot

Nangka Theme

Github Stars 8
Feb 25, 2021

nangka-jekyll-theme #rmsu

Gatsby Portfolio Dev screenshot

Gatsby Portfolio Dev

Github Stars 739
Oct 14, 2021

A portfolio for developers

Blog Starter screenshot

Blog Starter

Github Stars 18
Jan 21, 2021

A Gatsby Blog Starter with Styled Components

Gatsby Starter CV screenshot

Gatsby Starter CV

Github Stars 115
Feb 23, 2021

A simple starter to get up and developing your digital curriculum with …

Gatsby Starter Tech Blog screenshot

Gatsby Starter Tech Blog

Github Stars 13
Apr 13, 2019

A Gatsby Starter Tech Blog template

Gatsby Netlify Identity screenshot

Gatsby Netlify Identity

Github Stars 3
Jan 21, 2020

a gatsby static site generator with netlify identity control...

Gatsby Magazine Example screenshot

Gatsby Magazine Example

Github Stars 29
Jun 29, 2020

This is an open-source Demo Magazine built with Livingdocs. Check out …

Gatsby Awesome Starter screenshot

Gatsby Awesome Starter

Github Stars 34
Oct 31, 2022

👌 A starter for GatsbyJS with a preconfigured MDX, Storybook and …

Gatsby Typescript Scss Docker screenshot

Gatsby Typescript Scss Docker

Github Stars 12
Jul 21, 2019

gatsby with typescript, scss typed modules, eslint, prettier & husky, …

Gatsby Typescript Starter Blog screenshot

Gatsby Typescript Starter Blog

Github Stars 10
Dec 23, 2018

A starter blog for TypeScript-based Gatsby projects with minimal …

Vanilla Bootstrap screenshot

Vanilla Bootstrap

Github Stars 68
Jan 3, 2023

A vanilla Bootstrap theme for Hugo

Gatsby Starter Tyra screenshot

Gatsby Starter Tyra

Github Stars 78
Aug 1, 2021

Tyra - Feminine Gatsby Starter optimized for SEO

Gatsby Serif Theme screenshot

Gatsby Serif Theme

Github Stars 148
Sep 5, 2020

Serif is a beautiful small business theme for Gatsby.

Gatsby Starter Notes screenshot

Gatsby Starter Notes

Github Stars 10
Dec 3, 2018

Gatsby starter for creating notes organised by subject and topic

Gatsby Bulma Quickstart screenshot

Gatsby Bulma Quickstart

Github Stars 86
Oct 7, 2022

🚀 + ⚛️ A Quick Way to bootstrap your next Gatsby + Bulma site.

Gatsby Starter Mobx screenshot

Gatsby Starter Mobx

Github Stars 18
Nov 25, 2018

Gatsby starter with MobX and TypeScript

Gatsby Netlify CMS screenshot

Gatsby Netlify CMS

Github Stars 166
Sep 8, 2019

Example website built with Gatsby V2 and Netlify CMS

Hydrogen screenshot


Github Stars 55
Jul 20, 2020

:+1:轻盈、简洁的Jekyll主题,A Lightweight and Concise Jekyll theme For You.

Gatsby Starter Ghost screenshot

Gatsby Starter Ghost

Github Stars 971
Jan 16, 2023

A starter template to build lightning fast websites with Ghost & …

Cool Starter screenshot

Cool Starter

Github Stars 74
Sep 17, 2022

Starter project for vuepress theme cool

Gatsby Event Calendar screenshot

Gatsby Event Calendar

Github Stars 74
Dec 1, 2022

Gatsby Starter to display information about events from Google …

Yinyang screenshot


Github Stars 397
Apr 28, 2022

a black-white theme for Hugo.

Gatsby Starter Markdown screenshot

Gatsby Starter Markdown

Github Stars 68
Oct 30, 2020

boilerplate for markdown-based website

Gatsby Redux Starter screenshot

Gatsby Redux Starter

Github Stars 10
Nov 7, 2018

A simple GatsbyJS starter that provides multiple technologies out of …

Gatsby Starter i18n Blog screenshot

Gatsby Starter i18n Blog

Github Stars 20
Aug 10, 2020

Gatsby starter for creating a i18n blog. …

Gatsby V2 Tutorial Starter screenshot

Gatsby V2 Tutorial Starter

Github Stars 138
Sep 7, 2019

Gatsby V2 Starter - product of step by step tutorial

Gatsby Starter Reasonml screenshot

Gatsby Starter Reasonml

Github Stars 39
Dec 14, 2019

Gatsby starter to create static sites using type-safe ReasonML

Typescript Power Blog screenshot

Typescript Power Blog

Github Stars 66
Oct 3, 2020

Minimal Personal Blog with Gatsby and Typescript

Gatsby V2 Starter Casper screenshot

Gatsby V2 Starter Casper

Github Stars 31
Oct 19, 2018

The Casper theme v1.4 ported to Gatsby v2

Gatsby Starter Firebase screenshot

Gatsby Starter Firebase

Github Stars 41
Nov 19, 2018

Gatsby + Firebase = 👍

True Minimal screenshot

True Minimal

Github Stars 62
Dec 29, 2019

Minimal and ascetic theme for jekyll

Yellowcake screenshot


Github Stars 307
May 12, 2022

A starter project for creating lightning-fast websites with Gatsby v2 …

Gatsby Simple Contentful Starter screenshot

Gatsby Simple Contentful Starter

Github Stars 9
Jan 22, 2019

🎊 A simple Gatsby Starter that talks to Contentful.

Minimal Bootstrap screenshot

Minimal Bootstrap

Github Stars 88
Jan 3, 2023

A minimal hugo theme made with bootstrap

Hugo Mediumish screenshot

Hugo Mediumish

Github Stars 115
Aug 12, 2021

A mediumish gohugo theme, ported from jekyll

Gatsby Xylo Bulma screenshot

Gatsby Xylo Bulma

Github Stars 5
Oct 7, 2018

Gatsby v2 Starter with Bulma based on default starter.

Gatsby Tailwind Emotion Starter screenshot

Gatsby Tailwind Emotion Starter

Github Stars 39
Mar 4, 2019

A Gatsby Starter with Tailwind CSS + Emotion Js

Eleventy 2 Snipcart screenshot

Eleventy 2 Snipcart

Github Stars 33
Feb 25, 2019

A demo app built with JavaScript SSG 11ty

Ueno Gatsby Starter screenshot

Ueno Gatsby Starter

Github Stars 116
Nov 9, 2020

Opinionated Gatsby starter by Ueno.

Scientific Blog Machine Learning screenshot

Scientific Blog Machine Learning

Github Stars 6
Nov 20, 2018

gatsby V2 scientific machine learning blog Starter

Gatsby Blog Grommet screenshot

Gatsby Blog Grommet

Github Stars 22
Mar 21, 2019

A Gatsby v2 starter based on Grommet v2 UI. Demo:

Gatsby Starter Contentstack screenshot

Gatsby Starter Contentstack

Github Stars 10
Nov 4, 2022

A starter kit for building a websites using Gatsby and Contentstack

Gatsby Documentation Starter screenshot

Gatsby Documentation Starter

Github Stars 91
Sep 24, 2018

Automatically generate docs for React components using MDX, …

Gatsby Morning Dew screenshot

Gatsby Morning Dew

Github Stars 202
Apr 4, 2021

:rocket: A Gatsby theme/starter to build lightning-fast blog/websites

Hugo Grayscale screenshot

Hugo Grayscale

Github Stars 45
Jan 23, 2021

A multi-section single page theme intended as a landing page. This is …

Gatsby Casper screenshot

Gatsby Casper

Github Stars 453
Nov 10, 2022

A Casper 2 blog starter for Gatsby

AlaGeek screenshot


Github Stars 59
Oct 2, 2022

alaGeek is an enhanced version of the Cocoa theme featuring a …

Medium Export screenshot

Medium Export

Github Stars 40
Jan 31, 2019

A demo of generating an JAMstack site from an RSS feed

Book screenshot


Github Stars 2173
Nov 11, 2022

Hugo documentation theme as simple as plain book

Gatsby Typescript Sass screenshot

Gatsby Typescript Sass

Github Stars 19
Feb 28, 2022

A starter repo for using Gatsby with Typescript and SASS.

Gatsby Starter Mate screenshot

Gatsby Starter Mate

Github Stars 529
Jan 16, 2023

A portfolio starter for Gatsby integrated with Contentful CMS.

Vuepress Casper screenshot

Vuepress Casper

Github Stars 108
Jun 10, 2021

Ghost default theme ported to vuepress

Gatsby Auth Starter AWS Amplify screenshot

Gatsby Auth Starter AWS Amplify

Github Stars 321
Jul 4, 2021

Starter Project with Authentication with Gatsby & AWS Amplify

Gatsby Starter Kentico Kontent screenshot

Gatsby Starter Kentico Kontent

Github Stars 14
Mar 9, 2022

Gatsby starter site with Kentico Kontent.

Middleman Starter Netlify CMS screenshot

Middleman Starter Netlify CMS

Github Stars 36
Sep 22, 2021

A simple example to get started with Middleman and Netlify CMS

Hitchens screenshot


Github Stars 241
Oct 1, 2020

An inarguably well-designed Jekyll theme. View the demo at

Engimo screenshot


Github Stars 48
Oct 25, 2022

minimo-eng - Minimalist theme for Hugo tuned for engineering content, …

Eleventy DecapCMS Boilerplate screenshot

Eleventy DecapCMS Boilerplate

Github Stars 474
Dec 28, 2022

A boilerplate for building a simple website with the Eleventy static …

hello-friend screenshot


Github Stars 969
Jan 7, 2023

Pretty basic theme for Hugo that covers all of the essentials. All you …

Gatsby Starter Plone screenshot

Gatsby Starter Plone

Github Stars 3
Nov 21, 2020

Gatsby starter for Plone

Hexo Material Netlify screenshot

Hexo Material Netlify

Github Stars 15
Feb 27, 2019

Hexo + Netlify CMS starter based on material design

Gatsby Universal screenshot

Gatsby Universal

Github Stars 621
Jul 20, 2019

🔮 An opinionated Gatsby v2 starter for state-of-the-art marketing …

Ubuild Jekyll screenshot

Ubuild Jekyll

Github Stars 271
Jul 13, 2021

A Jekyll theme designed to work with Forestry Blocks

Gatsby Starter Tachyons screenshot

Gatsby Starter Tachyons

Github Stars 19
Sep 23, 2018

Simple starter demo

Hugo Clean White screenshot

Hugo Clean White

Github Stars 525
Jan 18, 2023

A clean, elegant blog theme for hugo

Cosmic Gatsby Starter screenshot

Cosmic Gatsby Starter

Github Stars 15
Mar 24, 2020

Install a Cosmic-powered Gatsby app in seconds 🔥

Gatsby Starter Ecommerce screenshot

Gatsby Starter Ecommerce

Github Stars 491
Apr 11, 2021

Gatsby starter for creating an eCommerce site using the Moltin …

Gatsby Blog Cosmicjs screenshot

Gatsby Blog Cosmicjs

Github Stars 24
Oct 25, 2020

🚀⚡️ Blazing fast blog built with Gatsby and Cosmic 🔥

Gatsby Cara screenshot

Gatsby Cara

Github Stars 1332
Jan 6, 2023

Playful and Colorful One-Page portfolio featuring Parallax effects and …

Gatsby Blog Jumpalottahigh screenshot

Gatsby Blog Jumpalottahigh

Github Stars 4
Jan 28, 2019

Gatsby v2 blog starter with SEO, search, filter, reading progress, …

Min_night screenshot


Github Stars 20
Dec 7, 2020

An easy on the eyes Hugo blog theme with dark mode.

Gatsby Starter Hero Blog screenshot

Gatsby Starter Hero Blog

Github Stars 511
Feb 8, 2019

A ready to use, easy to customize, fully equipped GatsbyJS starter …

Jamstack Hackathon Starter screenshot

Jamstack Hackathon Starter

Github Stars 141
Mar 25, 2020

Make Authenticated, Serverless, Dynamic Clientside JAMstack apps with …

Meteorixy screenshot


Github Stars 365
Dec 11, 2020

:sparkling_heart: VuePress Blog Theme - Meteorlxy

Reveal-Hugo screenshot


Github Stars 549
Jan 23, 2023

📽️ Create rich HTML-based presentations with Hugo and Reveal.js

Vuepress Indigo screenshot

Vuepress Indigo

Github Stars 90
May 4, 2018

A blog theme for VuePress.

Gatsby Starter Business screenshot

Gatsby Starter Business

Github Stars 245
Dec 18, 2020

Gatsby Business Website Starter

Eleventyone screenshot


Github Stars 449
Jan 18, 2021

A scaffold for a quick start building with the Eleventy SSG

Gatsby V2 Starter Lumen screenshot

Gatsby V2 Starter Lumen

Github Stars 122
Jul 2, 2019

A minimal, lightweight and mobile-first starter for creating …

Aria screenshot


Github Stars 148
Oct 20, 2019

A Hexo theme inspired by Kalafina's song ARIA.

Jane screenshot


Github Stars 812
Dec 22, 2022

A readable & concise theme for Hugo

Hugo Massively screenshot

Hugo Massively

Github Stars 131
Nov 11, 2022

Massively theme for Hugo static site generator

Gatsby Starter GCN screenshot

Gatsby Starter GCN

Github Stars 508
Nov 19, 2021

A starter template to build amazing static websites with Gatsby, …

Gatsby Starter Typescript Plus screenshot

Gatsby Starter Typescript Plus

Github Stars 193
Mar 8, 2021

A starter kit for TypeScript-based Gatsby projects with sensible …

Gatsby Contentful i18n screenshot

Gatsby Contentful i18n

Github Stars 61
Jun 4, 2021

i18n support and language switcher for Contentful starter repo

Dopetrope screenshot


Github Stars 25
Apr 6, 2022

Dopetrope theme for Hugo static site generator

Gatsby Starter Wordpress screenshot

Gatsby Starter Wordpress

Github Stars 395
Apr 2, 2021

A GatsbyJS starter template that leverages the WordPress API, ACF and …

Gatsby Starter Minimal Blog screenshot

Gatsby Starter Minimal Blog

Github Stars 1051
Jan 6, 2023

Typography driven, feature-rich blogging theme with minimal …

Affiliates Jekyll screenshot

Affiliates Jekyll

Github Stars 246
Oct 31, 2021

Affiliates - Jekyll Blogging Theme for Affiliate Marketers

Bare Min screenshot

Bare Min

Github Stars 76
May 31, 2022

A bare minimum theme for Hugo ( to help develop and …

Gatsby Contentful Starter screenshot

Gatsby Contentful Starter

Github Stars 279
Feb 16, 2021

Gatsby starter for a Contentful project.

Jekyll Contrast screenshot

Jekyll Contrast

Github Stars 312
Sep 12, 2021

Jekyll Theme

Eleventy Base Blog screenshot

Eleventy Base Blog

Github Stars 877
Jun 30, 2022

A starter repository for a blog web site using the Eleventy static …

Mediumish Theme Jekyll screenshot

Mediumish Theme Jekyll

Github Stars 1089
Oct 31, 2021

Jekyll Template - Mediumish

Prologue screenshot


Github Stars 399
Feb 15, 2021

A Jekyll version of the 'Prologue' theme by HTML5 UP

Revealjs screenshot


Github Stars 46
Jan 7, 2018

Use Hugo to build a presentation, powered by RevealJS

Hacker Blog screenshot

Hacker Blog

Github Stars 246
Feb 1, 2020

Hacker-Blog is a minimalistic, responsive jekyll theme built for …

Hugotube screenshot


Github Stars 9
May 24, 2021

Responsive Hugo theme inspired in YouTube layout

Gatsby Portfolio screenshot

Gatsby Portfolio

Github Stars 116
Oct 19, 2020

Sample DatoCMS website built with GatsbyJS

Gatsby Emilia screenshot

Gatsby Emilia

Github Stars 342
Jan 6, 2023

Minimalistic portfolio/photography site with masonry grid, page …

Jekyll Material Theme screenshot

Jekyll Material Theme

Github Stars 167
Jul 31, 2018

A Jekyll Theme based on Material Design using Materialize.

Gatsby Starter Dimension screenshot

Gatsby Starter Dimension

Github Stars 323
Jan 25, 2020

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on Dimension, designed by HTML5 …

Gatsby Starter Deck screenshot

Gatsby Starter Deck

Github Stars 522
Jun 16, 2020

🗣 Create presentations using Gatsby, React & Markdown.

Sleek screenshot


Github Stars 384
May 11, 2020

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Sleek is a modern Jekyll theme focused on …

Minimal Resume screenshot

Minimal Resume

Github Stars 424
Jan 16, 2023

Simple Jekyll theme for a minimal resume website: …

W3.CSS Basic screenshot

W3.CSS Basic

Github Stars 51
Sep 5, 2021

Gatsby Starter Bootstrap Netlify screenshot

Gatsby Starter Bootstrap Netlify

Github Stars 63
May 3, 2019

Bootstrap and netlify CMS starter for Gatsby

Onetwothree screenshot


Github Stars 40
Sep 16, 2019

A responsive minimalist theme for Hugo that is simple as 1, 2, 3

HuWeihuang screenshot


Github Stars 281
Mar 18, 2021

Ported theme of Hux Blog by YuHsuan, Modified by Hu Weihuang

Wall-E screenshot


Github Stars 38
Jan 13, 2018

A modern jekyll theme with grid frontpage, beautiful typography, …

Gatsby Starter Portfolio Emma screenshot

Gatsby Starter Portfolio Emma

Github Stars 267
Jan 6, 2023

Minimalistic portfolio with full-width grid, page transitions, support …

Gatsby Starter Calpa Blog screenshot

Gatsby Starter Calpa Blog

Github Stars 334
Dec 7, 2022

Calpa's Blog (GatsbyJS Starter X Netlify CMS)

Web-presentation screenshot


Github Stars 168
Jun 16, 2020

Jekyll theme template to create web presentation

Gatsby React Boilerplate screenshot

Gatsby React Boilerplate

Github Stars 59
Feb 17, 2019

Gatsbyjs boilerplate

Helium Jekyll screenshot

Helium Jekyll

Github Stars 97
Jul 17, 2021

Bootstrap 4 responsive Jekyll Theme.

Type on Strap screenshot

Type on Strap

Github Stars 705
Dec 10, 2022

🎨 Simplistic, responsive jekyll based open source theme

Jekyll Type screenshot

Jekyll Type

Github Stars 183
Jun 1, 2020

🎉 Minimal and Clean Free Jekyll Theme

Windows 95 screenshot

Windows 95

Github Stars 378
Sep 17, 2017

Jekyll Theme

Jekflix screenshot


Github Stars 691
Sep 27, 2022

A Jekyll template inspired by Netflix. 🎬

Adam Blog screenshot

Adam Blog

Github Stars 175
Aug 14, 2019

Adam Blog is a minimal clear theme for Jekyll

Panel CV - V2 screenshot

Panel CV - V2

Github Stars 31
Aug 25, 2017

Panel CV: style win8 for designer (or engineer)

Gatsby Starter Netlify CMS screenshot

Gatsby Starter Netlify CMS

Github Stars 2023
Jan 23, 2023

Example gatsby + netlify cms project

Resume screenshot


Github Stars 76
Dec 18, 2018

A minimal pelican theme to host your resume

Event screenshot


Github Stars 124
May 29, 2018

Jekyll Theme package for your event

Liberxue Theme screenshot

Liberxue Theme

Github Stars 351
Mar 6, 2021

Liberxue blog for lightweight Jekyll themes 轻量级自适应 简洁 卡片式博客主题 3秒搞 …

Panel CV screenshot

Panel CV

Github Stars 171
Sep 7, 2017

Panel CV for designers (or engineers) :)

Journal screenshot


Github Stars 73
Apr 2, 2021

Minimalist theme for gohugo

Bef screenshot


Github Stars 156
Aug 14, 2019

Bef is a responsive jekyll theme

Gatsby Blog Starter Kit screenshot

Gatsby Blog Starter Kit

Github Stars 130
Aug 7, 2019

A simple starter kit for a static blog created with Gatsby

Hugo-Classic screenshot


Github Stars 118
Sep 15, 2021

A simple and text-centric theme for

Plain Webcomic screenshot

Plain Webcomic

Github Stars 12
Aug 16, 2017

A simple webcomic theme for Jekyll. Built using Bootstrap.

Snippet screenshot


Github Stars 1053
Aug 15, 2021

Snippet 简洁而不简单,也许是一款你寻找已久的hexo主题

XMag screenshot


Github Stars 80
Nov 9, 2022

A minimal magazine theme for Hugo

Marat screenshot


Github Stars 53
Jun 17, 2018

📜 Jekyll theme inspired by L'Ami du peuple

XMin screenshot


Github Stars 532
Aug 8, 2022

eXtremely Minimal Hugo theme: about 150 lines of code in total, …

Clyell screenshot


Github Stars 43
Jun 17, 2017

My site jekyll theme

JBlog screenshot


Github Stars 69
Oct 31, 2021

JBlog is a simple jekyll theme.

Hydeout screenshot


Github Stars 548
Feb 2, 2021

A refreshed version of Hyde for Jekyll 3.x

Slate+Simple screenshot


Github Stars 24
Jun 12, 2019

A sleek Jekyll theme for blogs with clean typography and post featured …

Simple Texture screenshot

Simple Texture

Github Stars 184
Apr 4, 2021

A gem-based responsive simple texture styled Jekyll theme.

Slate screenshot


Github Stars 141
Jul 2, 2021

a single-page speed-dial theme for Hugo

Minimo screenshot


Github Stars 531
Jan 1, 2023

Minimo - Minimalist theme for Hugo

Osprey screenshot


Github Stars 176
Dec 9, 2019

Simple, clean, and fast one-page Hugo portfolio theme accompanied by a …

MkDocs Windmill screenshot

MkDocs Windmill

Github Stars 87
Mar 11, 2022

Outstanding mkdocs theme with a focus on navigation and usability

Jekyll Doc Theme screenshot

Jekyll Doc Theme

Github Stars 252
Jun 22, 2022

Jekyll theme for creating project documentation websites

dactl screenshot


Github Stars 207
Aug 13, 2021

Modern, fast and configurable Jekyll theme with some tricks up it's …

Cayman Blog Theme screenshot

Cayman Blog Theme

Github Stars 104
Jul 15, 2021

Cayman Blog is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages, based on Cayman theme

Typing screenshot


Github Stars 87
Jul 27, 2022

:syringe: Typing, is a template for Jekyll built especially for those …

Soot Spirits screenshot

Soot Spirits

Github Stars 44
Oct 16, 2018

A simple responsive two column Jekyll theme. Great for personal blog …

Git-Wiki screenshot


Github Stars 40
May 5, 2022

A revolutionary full-featured wiki for github pages and jekyll. You …

Gatsby Starter screenshot

Gatsby Starter

Github Stars 387
Feb 28, 2022

Gatsby 2.0 starter with typescript and many cools dev tools

Kube Hugo screenshot

Kube Hugo

Github Stars 375
Oct 6, 2022

Kube is a professional and a responsive Hugo theme for developers and …

Ananke screenshot


Github Stars 849
Dec 14, 2022

Ananke: A theme for Hugo Sites

Solana screenshot


Github Stars 40
Jul 29, 2021

A wholesome, flat, sunshiny Jekyll theme

Mekyll screenshot


Github Stars 17
Oct 2, 2018

Medium style theme for Jekyll

FullIt theme screenshot

FullIt theme

Github Stars 18
Dec 15, 2020

MatJek screenshot


Github Stars 96
Jun 27, 2017

Material theme based on Materialize.css for jekyll sites

Introduction screenshot


Github Stars 601
Sep 6, 2022

Minimal, single page, smooth-scrolling theme for Hugo.

Modern Blog Version 2 screenshot

Modern Blog Version 2

Github Stars 17
Mar 12, 2017

Jekyll Modern Theme Alternative Version

Monday screenshot


Github Stars 32
May 12, 2017

Monday is a minimal and 100% free blog template for Jekyll

Jekyll Tale screenshot

Jekyll Tale

Github Stars 906
May 3, 2021

Minimal Jekyll theme for storytellers

Basically Basic screenshot

Basically Basic

Github Stars 753
Sep 22, 2021

Your new Jekyll default theme

Kagami screenshot


Github Stars 144
Aug 4, 2021

Simple and clean Jekyll theme compatible with GitHub Pages.

Mr.Brown screenshot


Github Stars 20
May 6, 2017

Mr.Brown is a responsive Jekyll theme

Monochrome screenshot


Github Stars 108
Aug 7, 2018

Minimal, responsive, SEO ready blogging template built for Jekyll. …

3-Hexo screenshot