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Osprey Delight screenshot

Osprey Delight

Github Stars 40
Last Commit May 1, 2022

Modular and fast theme perfectly suited for showing your work. Built …

CoHub Hugo screenshot

CoHub Hugo

Github Stars 0
Last Commit Apr 9, 2022

coHub is a simple, minimal and responsive Portfolio Hugo Theme. coHub …

Apsho Hugo screenshot

Apsho Hugo

Github Stars 1
Last Commit Apr 7, 2022

Apsho Hugo – App Landing Page is the perfect app showcase Hugo Theme. …

chringel screenshot


Github Stars 3
Last Commit Apr 22, 2022

Privacy focused theme for Hugo using TailwindCSS

Hugo Winston screenshot

Hugo Winston

Github Stars 63
Last Commit Apr 11, 2022

Hugo Winston is a bold minimal blogging theme.

Hugo Atlantic Tailwind Blog screenshot

Hugo Atlantic Tailwind Blog

Github Stars 10
Last Commit Apr 12, 2022

Hugo Atlantic is a Tailwind 3 blog theme

Minimalist Hugo theme screenshot

Minimalist Hugo theme

Github Stars 9
Last Commit Mar 5, 2022

Minimalist is content focused, minimal theme for Hugo

Just me! screenshot

Just me!

Github Stars 3
Last Commit Jan 25, 2022

A minimal and fancy theme for Hugo to create Personal Pages with no …

Anatole screenshot


Github Stars 466
Last Commit Apr 23, 2022

Anatole is a minimalist two-column Hugo theme based on …

Scroll screenshot


Github Stars 111
Last Commit Mar 25, 2022

A Single Page Theme to build pretty, quick and simple websites with …

Digital Garden screenshot

Digital Garden

Github Stars 50
Last Commit Jan 16, 2022

Build your own personal Digital Garden effortlessly with this Hugo …

Jam screenshot


Github Stars 13
Last Commit Dec 27, 2021

Jam is a minimal personal blog and portfolio theme powered by Hugo.

Bilberry Hugo screenshot

Bilberry Hugo

Github Stars 256
Last Commit Apr 19, 2022

Clean, responsive, and feature-rich blogging theme ported from the …

Serial Programmer screenshot

Serial Programmer

Github Stars 13
Last Commit Feb 17, 2022

A Hugo theme for serial programmers by Sharad Raj Singh Maurya

Lynx screenshot


Github Stars 42
Last Commit Nov 6, 2021

A simple links theme for Hugo built with Tailwind CSS.

Listed screenshot


Github Stars 32
Last Commit Sep 18, 2021

Minimalistic, clean and simple design Hugo theme

Congo screenshot


Github Stars 185
Last Commit Apr 25, 2022

A powerful, lightweight theme for Hugo built with Tailwind CSS.

Ava screenshot


Github Stars 2
Last Commit Apr 24, 2022

Ava is a light theme for your blog with essential features you might …