Storyblok's Gridsome Boilerplate (Moon-Theme)

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Gridsome Storyblok
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Last Commit Apr 27, 2021
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Check the website here.


Clone this project with:

$ git clone

Install all dependencies

$ yarn # or npm install

Storyblok client configuration

To configure the Storyblok client we have to change the access Token, to get the token you need a Storyblok account, now that you have the token, we will go to the gridsome.config.js file and change the token, the file is at the root of the project:

  // in gridsome.config.js
  module.exports = {
    siteName: 'Gridsome Multilanguage Website',
    plugins: [
        use: 'gridsome-source-storyblok',
        options: {
          client: {
            accessToken: '<Your_Access_Token_Here>'
          version: 'published',
          params: {resolve_relations: 'blog-post.next_post'},
          downloadImages: true,
          imageDirectory: 'assets/images'

For more information about our Gridsome plugin, visit the Github repository.

Run project in develop mode

$ yarn develop # or npm run develop

Build the project

$ yarn build # or npm run build

Storyblok Preview Location Configuration

See how to set up your location here.

Duplicate this project in Storyblok

To duplicate this project in your Storyblok account, follow this instructions:

  1. Create a Storyblok account (if you don’t have one)
  2. Call this URL (It will create a space in your account with all stories and some settings from this project)
  3. Setup the preview URL
  4. Configure the token that you want to use