Dark Porfolio Theme for 11ty

This is a port of the Dark Portfolio Template by W3C to 11ty!

Author Jonathan Schrack
Github Stars 21
Last Commit Mar 23, 2020
Dark Porfolio Theme for 11ty screenshot

The original, pure CSS template was created by W3C, you can check it out here!

This has been “ported” to run on Eleventy, and stays true to the original as much as possible. Uses the original W3.css with no modifications!

Eleventy specific additions

  • The last 6 posts with the “photo” tag will be used in the front page portfolio section.
  • The starter blog boilerplate has been left in.
  • The Archive link was left in
  • A “files” folder has been added with a fake resume for use with the “download resume” button
  • Inside _data/faNav.json is a list of the Navigation keys and their corresponding FontAwesome icon class