Eleventy Satisfactory

Eleventy blog theme with main focus on content, and less on everything else

Author mendhak
Github Stars 8
Last Commit Mar 7, 2023
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Eleventy Satisfactory Blog Theme

An opinionated Eleventy blog theme making use of SimpleCSS, with inspiration from Hylia and minimal-mistakes. The focus is mainly on content, and less on everything else (author, social, tags, etc).


  • Images using regular Markdown syntax are displayed with lightbox
  • Image gallery with captions
  • Extra wide images, videos and code blocks
  • Full width images and videos
  • Automatic light and dark mode
  • Links to .md files are converted to their final URL
  • Simplified post and home page layout
  • Adjustable number of post listings
  • Post excerpts below post listings
  • Opengraph metadata for posts including preview image
  • Code blocks rendered using Prism syntax highlighting
  • Notice boxes such as info, warning, success
  • Seamless gist integration as code blocks
  • Github repo cards generator
  • No tags listings, no site navigation, no social, no landing page, no analytics
  • Draft posts appear locally
  • Robots.txt, .well-known folder, Favicon