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Author J├╝rgen Adams
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Last Commit Sep 20, 2021
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A fully configurable Jekyll Theme

  • Fully Responsive. J1 Template supports modern web browsers on all devices for best results on PCs, Tablets, and SmartPhones.
  • Full Bootstpap V4 support. Current Technology and Design. Excellent performance running desktop and mobile websites. Use Jekyll One to present your content at its best.
  • Start in no time. No programming is needed to start using J1. The Template provides a large number of building blocks to create modern web pages in minutes.


J1 meets Jekyll and Bootstrap. And makes a lot of friends. The template system combines the best free software for the web. Jekyll One Template is OpenSource and the modules included are free to use as well.

No license issues for private or professional use.


  • Jekyll 4.2 support
  • Ruby 2.7 support
  • Asciidoc (Asciidoctor) and Markdown support
  • Asciidoctor plugins included
  • Bootstrap V4 (v4.6)
  • Responsive Design
  • Material Design
  • Responsive Text
  • Responsive HTML tables
  • Compressed HTML, CSS and Javascript support
  • Themes support (Bootswatch)
  • Icon Font support (MDI, FA, Iconify, Twitter Emoji)
  • Themeable source code highlighting (Rouge)
  • Desktop and Mobile Web and Navigation ready
  • Fully configurable
  • 100/100 Google Lighthouse scores

Modules and Extensions

  • Bootstrap extensions included
  • Asciidoctor extensions included
  • Smooth-scoll support
  • Full-text search engine included (Lunr)
  • Blog Post navigation included
  • Clipboard module included
  • Floating Action Buttons included
  • Navigation modules included
  • Lightbox modules included
  • Gallery modules included
  • Carousel module included
  • Video modules included

Addons and Integrations

  • Featured example content included
  • Royalty free images included
  • Disqus support
  • Google Analytics support
  • Deploy to Github Pages, Netlify and Heroku ready