A Eleventy + Bootstrap 5 starter kit.

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Author Holger Koenemann
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Last Commit Sep 1, 2021
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A combination of Eleventy and Bootstrap 5

11straps combines static site generation via Eleventy and frontend styling via Bootstrap 5. It comes with a dev and a prod build process. The dev output is fast but dirty, the prod output takes a bit longer but will clean, purege, minify, uglify etc. the output.


  • Fast dev output for local development
  • Clean prod output for going live (incl. PurgeCSS)
  • Build-in template to overwrite Bootstrap 5 variables
  • Basic Blog included
  • Netlify config included.
  • Local server and tweaked browser sync. Will update your browser on .scss changes, too.
  • Sample integration of Inter UI font
  • Free and open source