AstroWind is a free and open-source template to make your website using Astro 2.0 + Tailwind CSS. Ready to start a new project and designed taking into account web best practices.

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Last Commit Apr 1, 2023
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🚀 AstroWind

AstroWind tries to give you quick access to creating a website using Astro 2.0 + Tailwind CSS. It’s a free theme focuses on simplicity, good practices and high performance.

Very little vanilla javascript is used only to provide basic functionality so that each developer decides which framework (React, Vue, Svelte, Solid JS…) to use and how to approach their goals..


  • ✅ Integration with Tailwind CSS (@astrojs/tailwind) supporting Dark mode.
  • Production-ready scores in Lighthouse and PageSpeed Insights reports.
  • Fast and SEO friendly blog with automatic RSS feed (@astrojs/rss), MDX support, Categories & Tags, Social Share, …
  • Image optimization (@astrojs/images) and Font optimization.
  • ✅ Generation of project sitemap based on your routes (@astrojs/sitemap).
  • Open Graph tags for social media sharing.
  • Analytics built-in Google Analytics, and Splitbee integration.