Hugo theme for a small organization, developed by CNCF.

Author CNCF
Github Stars 37
Last Commit May 29, 2024
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Dot-Org Theme for Hugo

This Hugo theme is ideal for powering the website of a small organization or project. It was built initially by (part of The Linux Foundation) for the TODO Group and has the following strengths:

  • Modern - simple yet effective modern design
  • Responsive - works on mobile through to desktop, mobile first design
  • Accessible - design and markup comply with WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines
  • Fast - HTML/CSS/JS written from scratch to be as fast as possible without relying on frameworks or libraries
  • Performance - perfect 100 Lighthouse/PageSpeed Insight scores :rocket:
  • Multilingual - ready to support multiple languages of content
  • Mega Menu - large menu with dropdown sections, custom footer menu
  • Blog - blog posts ready to go
  • FAQ accordion - FAQ page with accordion structure
  • Custom Shortcodes - Easily insert advanced features with simple shortcodes
  • Social links - Insert URLs to activate
  • Much more - Google Analytics, insert custom JS and CSS, Open Graph OG content, favicons, Blog post authors linked to Twitter, Edit page link.

Custom Shortcodes Included:

  • Buttons
  • Cards
  • Columns
  • Current Year
  • Img
  • iFrame
  • Linebreak
  • Responsive Table
  • Spacer
  • Table of Contents
  • YouTube Enhanced Embed

For feedback, support or bug reporting, please see our GitHub repo.