Osprey Delight

Modular and fast theme perfectly suited for showing your work. Built with hugo-mods.

Author kdevo
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Last Commit May 1, 2022
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Osprey Delight is the free-minded artist’s choice for a clutter-free and blazingly fast single-page portfolio. It’s perfectly suited to show off your awesome work!

This theme is built around the modules shown on the demo site Hugo Mods, making it highly customizable. If you are only interested in a subset of the functionality, take a look at the existing modules in the hugo-mods GitHub organization.

Originating from the great Osprey theme, it brings new features to your delight while keeping the original design idea.


  • Modular and made out of extensible section building blocks:
    • About: Introduce yourself
    • Gallery: Show your work using a grid-based gallery with interactive modal boxes
    • Blog: Lightweight blog features
    • Contact: Contact form with Basin support and built-in spambot protection
  • Use your high-quality images assets:
    • Lazy image loading plus completely automatic resizing using lazyimg module
    • Blur-up technique using automatic low-quality image placeholders (LQIP)
    • Modern WebP support with fallback for older browsers
  • SEO:
    • Score 100 at PageSpeed Insights (example)
    • Auto-generated structured ensures that everyone finds you
  • Delightful UX:
    • Choose between different themes
    • Awesome social icons in footer via icons module
    • Smooth scrolling plus scroll-spy
    • Fetches GitHub repo data if wanted
    • Sane fallbacks for No-Script/No-JS users
  • Highly customizable

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