Moonwalk is a lightweight, fast and elegant Jekyll theme with a clean dark mode; perfect for a portfolio and blog

Author Abhinav Saxena
Github Stars 221
Last Commit Nov 1, 2022
Moonwalk screenshot

Moonwalk - a fast and elegant theme with clean dark mode

Moonwalk can be used to create a portfolio or a blog site. Easy to customize and extend in case you prefer that.


  • Light & dark mode with theme switcher
  • Landing page with navbar, footer, portfolio
  • Vertical list, horizontal list, card list
  • Fast (very minimal CSS) - 100/100 on performance, accessibility, best practices and SEO, please see Lighthouse Report for more details
  • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • SEO optimized (uses Jekyll SEO Tag)
  • RSS feed (uses Jekyll Feed)
  • Easy to extend
  • Fully compatible with GitHub Pages (see GitHub Pages installation)